AIHA Guide to Welding Safety

AIHA Guide to Welding Safety – Chemscape

Industrial Hygiene Resources for Welding

Chemscape’s Mike Phibbs along with Michael K. Harris have written a practical field welding safety guild to help you communicate hazards more effectively with welding shop and plant personnel.

This guide contains chapters about developing similar exposure groups, local exhaust ventilation, welding fume as an IARC Group 1 carcinogen, and exposure control banding. With several handy color-coded tables and graphics, assessing hazards and managing exposure risks of welding is easier than ever!

You’ll also learn how to supplement traditional Industrial Hygiene assessment methods for welding with new control banding approaches as well as gain a deeper understanding of chemical hazards to protect your worker health.

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Welding Health and Safety: A Field Guide for OEHS Professionals

Welding Health and Safety: A Field Guide for OEHS Professionals, 2nd edition

The book is written as a crash course in the lingo and field jargon of welders for health and safety professionals who are frequently tasked with implementing safety programs without the experience of welding. The book aims to help health and safety professionals communicate more effectively with welders.

About the Authors

Author Michael K. Harris, PhD, CIH, a former welder and welding instructor for the U.S. Army, authored this book not only for industrial hygienists and safety professionals, but also for welders, engineers, project managers, and others who manage welding operations in shipbuilding, plants, construction or repair projects, and railroads.  
Mike Phibbs CIH, ROH, and President of Chemscape contributes to the guide’s discussion on Exposure Control Banding and charts a useful path forward for controlling welding fume exposures.


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