Chemical Management for Municipalities

Municipalities have the complex job of managing a wide variety of risks and occupational hazards in multiple business units. From aquatic centres and hockey rinks to paving crews and the parks department, every municipal department has unique challenges and workplace and chemical hazards. Chemscape Safety Technologies offers a number of specialized SDS management solutions that can be targeted to the unique needs of municipal organizations.

Occupational Disease in Municipal Workers  

Occupational disease is an emerging health and safety issue that face municipal employers and workers in today’s workplaces.

Occupational hazards commonly experienced by municipal workers may include:

  • Exposures to chemicals
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Heat and Cold
  • Asbestos

Over an extended period of time, occupational hazards will cause long-term health effects for employees. Public service workers, recreation, and building maintenance workers are exposed to various chemicals such as paints, water/wastewater treatment chemicals, ammonia, chlorine, etc. Many public service employees are exposed to noise and vibration if they work around or in equipment. Outdoor workers are exposed to temperature variations, including heat and cold. Many workers in public service work in buildings that also might contain asbestos. 

Industrial Hygiene Programs for Public Service Employees 

Chemscape can provide leadership or complement your existing Occupational Health resources to evaluate and monitor workplace exposure to different biological and chemical hazards. Addressing workplace exposure issues with an industrial hygiene plan with appropriate risk controls and protective measures against hazardous chemicals.  

Chemical Management Plan for Municipalities 

Municipal worker following chemical management plan created with Chemscape.Chemscape’s Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program (CHAMP) is a powerful chemical management tool to assess the health hazards of your chemicals. CHAMP allows municipal workers to better understand their chemical hazards and manage them. By implementing a strong chemical management plan for the municipality and its staff, people who work with the chemicals everyday will receive more information and participate in better decision making on chemical use. Public service workers receive chemical hazard training and practical tools to implement a robust chemical handling program into their daily tasks.  

SDS Management Solutions for Municipalities

sdsBinders can be used to manage your SDS inventory. With so many business units and chemicals within a municipality you need an SDS binder structure and inventory that is well organized and not full of outdated documents and duplicates. sdsBinders has no duplicates and only presents the chemicals you actually have onsite. With different levels of administrators, you can setup business unit health and safety managers to manage their own department and chemicals.

Chemscape’s unlimited training and service helps you get all your workers and municipal departments up and running. Access a library of chemical safety training videos on workplace hazards as an additional bonus in sdsBinders. With so many responsibilities health and safety managers in municipalities can count on Chemscape to maintain excellent standards in chemical compliance and an up to date SDS inventory.   

Organized SDS Management Software for Compliance Across All Departments

Here’s a look at the extensive list of benefits that Chemscape’s sdsBinders may provide to municipal and public works employees:  

  1. An easily organized binder structure that you design and control.  
  2. SDS inventory that only has your SDS inventory, with current SDS documents and NO duplicate SDSs. 
  3. SDS Updates done by Chemscape who calls chemical suppliers on your behalf to keep your SDSs compliant.  
  4. Print off workplace labels in a variety of sizes if your employees need to decant chemicals.  
  5. The Chemscape produced videos in sdsBinders on chemical safety training. 
  6. SmartChart posters to post information on chemical hazards.  
  7. Unlimited training to get all your employees up to speed on sdsBinders so you don’t have to train them.  
  8. Fantastic support with customer service representatives who care and want you to succeed.  
  9. Regulatory reports you can run on your chemical inventory for environmental compliance.  
  10. Mobile app for sdsBinders for your mobile employees to access SDSs wherever they go.  

Improved Health & Safety for Municipal Workers

In today’s municipalities, strong leaders recognize that solid health and safety performance drives business results. Chemscape has lots of experience in health and safety leadership and chemical management specific to municipal organization and can help you understand your chemical and biological hazards and manage the associated risks.