Online SDS Management

Online SDS Management Services

Chemscape’s sdsBinders makes SDS Management easy by allowing you to:

  • Reduce your risk and have confidence in your regulatory compliance
  • Leave paper safety data sheets behind and access SDSs 24/7 on your laptop, phone, or tablet
  • Improve employee hazard communication
  • Increase health and safety efficiencies

Benefits of Chemscape’s SDS Management System

Easy Access

Immediate access to SDSs
Find SDSs on the go
Consistent data for all

Saved Time

Cut the clutter
Focus on your priorities
SDS tasks in seconds not hours

Reduce Risk

Be ready 24/7 for regulators
Have up-to-date information
Improve communication

99% Customer Retention

99% Customer Retention

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation


Ease of

Personalized Service

Personalized Service

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Value Added Tools

Value Added Tools

Need Chemical Management?

Our Chemical Hazard Assessment Management Program (CHAMP) reduces complexity and risk by providing better planning & improving chemical handling.

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Need SDS Management?

Our SDS Management Software ensures you stay compliant and can access your SDSs online 24/7. Speed up your operations and reduce management costs.

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Need SDS Authoring?

Keep your products moving with our professional SDS Authoring Services. A trusted and reliable author of safety data sheets for over 20 years.

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& Customer Success

"sdsBinders has provided us peace of mind by ensuring all our employees have easy access to current Safety Data Sheets via website, smartphone app or printed hard copy. In the past we use to manage our Safety Data Sheets library internally using HSE personnel, utilizing sdsBinders managed services for SDS has allow us to free up hundreds of hour a year for our HSE personnel to focus their energy on other HSE task that provide a more positive impact on our Health, Safety and Environment Program. "

Claude Comeau – C.Tech Manager Technical Solutions / Quality Manager
"One of the valuable safety tools provided to Trace employees is the Chemscape sdsBinders App for Android and Apple users. Since early 2019, all Trace staff have had on-line access through their mobile phones and desktop, enabling the ability to  efficiently  search  Safety  Data  Sheets  for  any  hazardous  chemical  that  may  be  encountered  in Trace’s field or office worksites. "

Darrell J.I. Haight – B.Sc., P.Ag.President and CEO Trace Associates
"I like Chemscape emails that remind us to be proactive in cleaning our chemical inventory because they are not in use, or they are now obsolete.  One of the most beneficial aspects of sdsBinders for Prairie Thunder Resources is to look up SDSs, risk phrases, and health effects associated with a chemical. A lot of changes have come about because of this information; for example, the use of non-chlorinated Brake Cleaner, a less hazardous product to do the same job.  We look forward to continuing to use our sdsBinders tool to make better decisions around chemical use. "

Bruce Stang – Production Foreman
"I also love the mobile App. When someone has a question, I bring up the App and show them the Safety Data Sheet right there. "

Carrie Sztogryn – Health and Safety Coordinator Meridian Manufacturing Inc.
"I have the peace of mind knowing exactly where to go for Safety Data Sheets and that they are up to date. The mobile App allows for new team members to get up to speed quickly with SDSs readily being available. Chemscape’s monthly email provides valuable content that has been used at health & safety meetings. "

Shirley Pohl – Manager, HSE & Regulatory INSIGNIA ENERGY LTD.
"After working with Chemscape for a little while now, between sending them SDSs to be updated, asking them to archive obsolete SDSs, asking for clarification, etc., I have to say that I really love that we’ve switched to Chemscape.  Their response time, quality of work, clarity of communications, attention to detail, and openness to suggestions are all top notch.  I am excited and hopeful about our future working together with them. "

Product Safety Manager – Major Canadian Chemical Corp.
"sdsBinders has become an integral component of our health & safety program and I would recommend it without reservation. "

Tyler Morse – Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems
"With the sdsBinders system, we can easily share the most current SDS with the people who need access: contractors, on site medics, lab techs, and operators.  It's a one stop shop for all our needs.  It saves us time and has reduced our work load.  It's always up to date and reliable which is important to Husky because we will only operate under ethical and safe conditions. "

Steve Bettles – Environmental Assurance Specialist, Cenovus Energy
"I have used other systems in the past: CDs, online Google searches, and an internal SDS website. None of these even come close to how functional, quick and dependable the sdsBinders system is.  After experiencing such great service from sdsBinders, I could never image the stress managing SDSs the old way. "

Candy Wagner – (Health & Safety Advisor, Hygiene) - Sherritt Corporation
"The time and energy that was once spent on updating SDSs is now spent on discussing how to use chemicals safely on a daily basis. "

Neal Edillon – Packers Plus

How are we different to other SDS Management providers?

Chemscape provides you a SDS database that is clutter free and up-to-date.

We have reduced companies SDS inventory count by up to 40% when they convert from a major competitor.

Chemscape is responsive and listens to our customers.

We convert customers who are frustrated at never getting help from their previous SDS Management provider.

Chemscape are experts in Safety Data Sheets.

Trust Chemscape’s 20 years of experience in authoring high quality SDSs and updating SDSs from chemical suppliers. Lean on our consultants for advice and guidance.

SDS Management System Awards

Canadian Occupation Safety 2022 5-Star OHS Software and Technology Providers

2022 5-Star Award for OHS Software and Technology Providers

2022 - Canadian Occupation Safety

2021 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2022 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2022 - Occupational safety

2021 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2021 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2021 - Occupational safety

2020 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2020 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2020 - Occupational safety

2019 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2019 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2019 - Occupational safety

2018 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2018 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2018 - Occupational safety

2017 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2017 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2017 - Occupational safety

2016 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management Solutions

2016 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2016 - Occupational safety