Why a Software Driven SDS Management System?

Remaining compliant requires that you have the most up-to-date information.
You could search and spend time phoning suppliers for an SDS every time you have a new chemical on site or you could use a SDS System to do the heavy lifting for you. Imagine the relief and confidence of knowing that your binders are always up-to-date and compliant.

Chemscape’s sdsBinders is your foundation for compliance and chemical handling.
sdsBinders takes care of your SDS Management to ensure that you have up-to-date SDSs and chemical safety information. Need to access SDSs on the road? We have a free mobile app for sdsBinders’ customers to search for chemicals on the road. You can even save SDSs to your device to access if wifi or cellular service is unavailable. With the sdsBinders mobile app you can pack safety and compliance with you wherever you go. Need to save or print off SDSs as a backup or for workers with limited technology access? No problem you have unlimited access and all the control to do this whenever you need to.

Do you need to share your SDSs with clients and contractors?

sdsBinders can help you share SDSs with customers and contractors by providing them a binder with only the SDSs they need to access. And if you reauthor or update that product's SDS customers will automatically receive updates with the new information.

SDS Management by Chemscape Safety Technologies - Smart AND Simple!

Why Choose Chemscape's SDS Management Solution Service?

Our SDS Management software offers you a complete SDS Management System available at every employee’s fingertips. 24/7 access to SDSs from one central location, flexibility to add unlimited binder locations, ability for you to add unlimited administrators and users, a service for SDS updating, value added training, batch printing, regulatory reporting, personalized account training and service, and an easily accessible app which is available both online, and offline – for those workplaces without internet access.

  • Having up-to-date SDS binders isn't an option, it's the law.
  • Having an up-to-date SDS binder available for every employee who works with these materials isn't an option, it too is the law.

Our software Was the Canadian Occupational and Safety Magazine's 2017 Readers' Choice For Best SDS Management Solution!

sdsBinders has been setting the standard for flexibility, ease-of-use and customer value.
Mike Phibbs CIH ROH began authoring SDSs in Calgary in 2003 under the name Deerfoot Consulting. His expertise in SDS Authoring helped inspire sdsBinders and a better way to handle SDS Management using technology with the development of sdsBinders.

sdsBinders officially changed its operating name to Chemscape in 2013 to allow for the addition of other value-added products and services across the chemical safety landscape. Our expertise in chemical hazard communication has inspired the development of online WHMIS and TDG training courses for our Canadian customers. 

Our new Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program (CHAMP) is a premium tool integrated into sdsBinders that allows for a multi-tiered approval process, performs an online hazard & risk assessment of chemicals before they are added into sdsBinders, suggests safer chemical substitutions and controls based on occupational hygiene guidance and international standards – visit the links below to learn more.

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