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Online SDS Management

Online SDS Management Services

Chemscape’s sdsBinders makes SDS Management easy. Access your SDSs 24/7. Our service keeps your SDSs up to date.

  • Have confidence in your compliance
  • Access SDSs on your laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Improve Hazard Communication
  • Increase Health and Safety Efficiencies

What does this mean
for you?

Easy Access

Immediate access to SDSs
Find SDSs on the go
Consistent data for all

Saved Time

Cut the clutter
Focus on your priorities
SDS tasks in seconds not hours

Reduce Risk

Be ready 24/7 for regulators
Have up-to-date information
Improve communication

99% Customer Retention

99% Customer Retention

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation


Ease of

Personalized Service

Personalized Service

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Value Added Tools

Value Added Tools

& Customer Success

"Chemscape’s sdsBinders online program takes all the stress away from chemical management. Do yourself a favour and switch to the best SDS software on the market. Switching to the Chemscape software has taken the worst part of my OHS system and instantly made it the best. "

Todd Martin – Murray Latta Progressive Machine, Manager Of HSEQ
"Chemscape goes out of their way to help their clients save money … they are not concerned about losing a few dollars in their yearly renewal.  They would rather help their clients ensure that chemicals are being managed properly. "

Shirley Pohl – SanLing Energy
"sdsBinders has become an integral component of our health & safety program and I would recommend it without reservation. "

Tyler Morse – Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems
"I have used other systems in the past: CDs, online Google searches, and an internal SDS website. None of these even come close to how functional, quick and dependable the sdsBinders system is.  After experiencing such great service from sdsBinders, I could never image the stress managing SDSs the old way. "

Candy Wagner – (Health & Safety Advisor, Hygiene) - Sherritt Corporation
"The time and energy that was once spent on updating SDSs is now spent on discussing how to use chemicals safely on a daily basis. "

Neal Edillon – Packers Plus


2019 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2019 - Occupational safety

2018 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2018 - Occupational safety

2017 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2017 - Occupational safety

2016 Readers' Choice Award for best SDS Management System

2016 - Occupational safety