Chemical Management for TDG Act Compliance Transportation Industry

Every day thousands of shipments of dangerous goods travel by road, rail, marine and air. No matter what the mode of transportation, the safety of the dangerous goods as well as the operator and occupants, the public and the environment is essential for everyone involved. GHS and the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations (TDG) are the most important guidance documents on chemical hazard communication in the world. Most countries have adopted these transport regulations into their own national regulation. In Canada, it is called the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), and in the USA, it is known as the Department of Transport (DOT).

TDG Act Compliance

The movement of chemicals passes through many hands and having accurate and easy-to-access information on the contents of the dangerous goods is essential to the safe transport of chemicals and if any transportation incident occurs.  

In Canada, since 2016, there has been major amendments to the TDG Act. Chemscape helps our clients stay compliant and up to date with changes so they can avoid fines and keep their products moving.

TDG-Focused SDS Management Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Having proper SDS management in place and access to SDSs to keep compliant with the TDG act and help avoid delays in shipping of chemicals and dangerous goods is crucial to the operations of any logistics operation. Chemscape’s sdsBinders is an easy SDS management solution that helps to stay compliant with the TDG and have current and accessible SDS information to ensure workers working within the transportation sector are prepared and protected. An electronic system like sdsBinders keeps up with the constant change of SDS suppliers and minimizes the potential for error. Use sdsBinders to keep your Safety Data Sheet’s SDSs organized and accessible wherever they go. sdsBinders allows you to:

  • Maintain a list of chemicals and Safety Data Sheets. sdsBinders maintains the SDS database so you can focus on other tasks. 
  • The sdsBinders mobile app allows transportation and logistics workers to have SDS access on individual mobile devices so vital information is with the worker wherever they go.  
  • Search for products by UN Number. 
  • Download Emergency Response Guides for the associated chemical with every SDS search result. 

In-house Chemical Management and by In-house TDG Experts

Chemscape has an in-house TDG expert who sits on an advisory committee for TDG matters in Ottawa to stay up to date with legislative changes and advise industry and government groups.

Trusted and Experienced SDS Authors that understand Classification for TDG Labels

Chemscape has certified and experienced professionals who can take your lab analysis, reclassify chemicals and provide GHS and SDS authoring services that satisfy either Canadian and American regulations. Our Safety Data Sheets have a best in class reputation and our documents are routinely recognized by regulators and inspectors as high quality and reliable. Classification changes for a product can affect Section 14 of the Safety Data Sheet on Transportation. In Canada, many Oil and Gas companies have seen Transport Canada enforce this for the past several years. A properly classified and authored SDS is critical to avoid potential fines and keep your shipments moving.

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