Chemical Management Systems for Chemical Manufacturing & Distribution

Responsible chemical management is fast becoming a requirement for any brand or retailer as part of a sustainable product offering. This is placing pressure on upstream manufacturers to provide products that are produced in the absence of hazardous chemicals. This means an additional effort around chemical management for the entire upstream supply chain  of chemical manufacturing and distribution including chemical procurement, storage, handling and use, and waste management.

Ensure Safe & Compliant Chemical Manufacturing Operations

Chemscape can help with best practices for chemical management within the chemical manufacturing organizations, including: 

  • Chemical manufacturing lab following chemical management plan from Chemcape’s CHAMPChemical handling 
  • Managing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 
  • Creation and maintenance of a Chemical Inventory  
  • Searching for ingredients on restricted substance lists in different jurisdictions 
  • Pulling together environmental reports  
  • Distributing Safety Data Sheets for your product to customers 
  • Authoring Safety Data Sheets for your products 

Mobile SDS Management Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers

Chemscape provides SDS management solutions to support your chemical manufacturing to help you manage the internal SDS inventory you use for manufacturing as well as the SDS inventory of your products.

Stay Compliant with sdsBinders Management Software

  1. An easily organized binder structure that you design and control.  
  2. SDS inventory that only has your SDS inventory, with current SDS documents and NO duplicate SDSs. 
  3. SDS Updates done by Chemscape who calls chemical suppliers on your behalf to keep your SDSs compliant.  
  4. Print off workplace labels in a variety of sizes if your employees need to decant chemicals.  
  5. The Chemscape produced videos in sdsBinders on chemical safety training. 
  6. Custom binder you can create to distribute your SDSs to customers. They can even signup to receive updates when you publish them  
  7. Unlimited training to get all your employees up to speed on sdsBinders so you don’t have to train them.  
  8. Fantastic support with customer service representatives who care and want you to succeed.  
  9. Regulatory reports you can run on your chemical inventory for environmental compliance.  
  10. Mobile app for sdsBinders for your mobile employees to access SDSs wherever they go.  

Develop a Product Stewardship Roadmap to Green Chemistry

There is increasing public pressure on chemical manufacturers to reduce the environmental impacts of their products. Green chemistry and finding healthier and safer alternatives are a growing trend in chemical manufacturing. Demonstrating good corporate citizenship and maximizing resource productivity creates a competitive advantage and increases shareholder wealth. Chemscape can help you design a product stewardship roadmap for your chemical manufacturing facility that serves to improve environmental impacts and employee safety.  

Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program 

Upgrading to Chemscape’s Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program (CHAMP) which integrates with all the features of sdsBinders provides a platform to develop a chemical handling program where you move from managing SDSs to chemical hazards. CHAMP provides occupational health hazard and risk assessments and predict controls for your chemical inventory and across your chemical manufacturing business. Chemscape’s CHAMP Program can help to streamline the chemical hazards assessment process by: 

  • Finding safer chemical substitutes 
  • Automating a chemical approval system 
  • Establishing similar exposure groups based on toxicity hazards 

SDS Authoring Services for Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors 

If you need outside help to author SDSs Chemscape is a reliable and recognized SDS Author, providing professional SDS authoring services to the chemical manufacturing sector. Our certified and experienced professionals can take your lab analysis, reclassify chemicals and author an SDS to GHS standards that satisfy Canadian and American regulations. Our Safety Data Sheets have a best in class reputation and our documents are routinely recognized by regulators and inspectors as high quality and reliable.

Don’t rely on low-cost providers or automated SDS authoring programs to properly classify and write your safety data sheets and chemical labels. Managing your liability starts with a well classified and professionally authored Safety Data Sheet.