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Safety Data Sheet Software to Make Online SDS Management Easy


SDS Software for Easy SDS Management


Say goodbye to paper chaos and complexity with this simple to use SDS management software.

Actively manage your chemicals and access current SDSs online

sdsBinders is a safety data sheet management software that gives you:

  • Immediate access to current safety data sheets & chemical safety information.
  • SDS information your workers need to protect their health and safety.
  • A solid foundation for chemical handling and SDS compliance.
  • More time to focus on other priorities and leave the SDS Management to us.

What you get with sdsBinders’ SDS Management Software

Confidence in SDS Compliance

Access your SDSs 24/7 from your own web portal for. Our service keeps your safety data sheets up-to-date saving you time and gives you peace of mind that your SDS inventory is current and GHS compliant. Our SDS management system monitors your SDS inventory and notifies you of any changes or issues that require your attention.

Increased efficiencies in health and safety

Speed up your operations, reduce management costs and increase worker safety and regulatory compliance with an online SDS management system. Get rid of paper! Simplify numerous tasks like searching for and updating SDS sheets, see regulatory reporting tasks go from weeks to a matter of minutes, and download a list of your current inventory in a click.

Greater access to SDSs with on your laptop, phone or tablet

You also get a free mobile app to access safety data sheets from your phone or table. This is exclusive to customers of sdsBinders SDS management software. Download your SDS binder so you can find those SDSs on your device even if cellular or wi-fi service fails. 

Improved Hazard Communication to Employees

Communicate the hazards and controls of your chemical inventory using practical tools found in sdsBinders that support your WHMIS and HazCom program; post SmartChart visuals, print labels and review safety videos on relevant chemical safety topics.

Curious? See sdsBinders Features

sdsBinders chemical SDS management by Chemscape is designed to facilitate the management of Safety Data Sheets for a wide range of industries. Its extensive series of features will surpass your business needs, providing your organization with the solution to improved SDS management.


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Online SDS Management Software for Your Industry

Our online safety data sheet management system is designed by Industrial Hygienists who are experts in Health and Occupational Chemical Use. We strive to not only manage your SDSs but provide you additional features to improve your Hazard Communication and the awareness of chemical safety in your organization. See our specific industry experience in Safety Data Sheet Authoring and Management.



Safety Data Sheet Software Designed by Chemical Safety Experts

Since 2003 sdsBinders has grown through a strong referral business and enjoys a 98% Client Retention Rate. We encourage your to read the numerous client testimonials that endorse sdsBinders and its customer service. sdsBinders truly cares about improving your chemical handling and your company succeeding with your SDS Management.

2020 Readers Choice Award for Best SDS Management SolutionssdsBinders has been awarded the Reader’s Choice Award for 5 consecutive years for Best MSDS Management Solution by the Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine.


"sdsBinders is a wonderful product that not only saved me a ton of time, but also ensures accuracy of our reports. The reporting tool is only a fraction of what this product offers – it also keeps our SDSs up to date and comes with a free app that folks in the field can download on their phones and still use even if they are in remote areas or without network service. There are informative safety videos and PowerPoint presentations that are useful for safety meetings. They also provide necessary functions like the ability to create labels for containers, as well as printing off SmartCharts which summarize product uses and PPE requirements. Not to mention, the excellent customer service that we have been receiving since day 1 from our Account Manager."
Susan Tran, Bellatrix Exploration Environment, Safety, and Regulatory

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