Chemical Hazard Assessment Management Program (CHAMP)

Do you understand the health hazards of your chemicals?

Do you understand the health hazards of your chemicals?

Everything starts with knowing what chemicals are in your workplace and how they are being used. CHAMP (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) goes beyond the safety data sheet (SDS) to interpret the data from the SDS and add how you use the chemical, to provide a clear picture of the chemical hazards you are working with. 

Go beyond SDS Management with accurate chemical control

Prevent hazardous chemical exposures

CHAMP does a comprehensive risk assessment of your chemicals so exposure is fully understood based on how the chemicals are being used and handled.

Reference and audit tool for decisions

Eliminate the guesswork around chemicals and get control advice that is based on rusted industrial/occupational resources, defensible, recorded in CHAMP and visible to all. Improve decision making on chemical use by your workforce and implement a chemical handling program across your organization. 

Include chemicals in your risk assessment

Get a tool that allows for better planning and improved chemical handling. Many programs say they manage chemicals, but CHAMP offers SDS management and a chemical risk assessment tool to control chemical exposures. 

The Benefits of CHAMP

  • Prevent illness & long-term disability

    Canadian Worker Compensation Board data shows 64% of workplace fatalities come from exposure to harmful substances. Occupational illness and death statistics due to chemical exposure are in reality higher due to the long latency periods between chemical exposures and the onset of disease, as well as the lack of understanding between illnesses and chemicals. Taking a proactive approach to managing chemicals with CHAMP improves worker engagement in chemical handling and gives management a tool to better assess risk.

  • Reduce your liability

    Using hazardous chemicals in the workplace results in substantial direct, indirect, and liability costs to business, public health, and the environment. Every year more occupational diseases are being accepted as claims under worker’s compensation boards. The public has increasingly higher expectations of a company’s responsibility to protect their workforce, community, and the environment. Investment in chemical management can reduce these costs, as well as improve performance efficiency, industry leadership and corporate stewardship. 

  • Protect your workers and company from the life-threatening and business-threatening consequences of hazardous chemicals

    Hazardous chemicals have the potential to be misused in the workplace; either in handling, storage, disposal, or transportation. Implementing an approval process and which examines the hazards and addresses the controls allows you to truly understand how chemicals are being used.

  • Achieve chemical compliance with laws and regulation

    Legislation has been in place to regulate chemicals but in recent years’ government is requiring even greater disclosure of chemicals throughout the supply chain. The trend will only continue in future with greater restrictions and reporting requirements placed on companies. Taking a proactive approach to improving workplace chemical management keeps companies compliant locally and competitive globally.