sdsBinders and Benefits That Go Beyond SDS Management


SanLing Energy is a privately held oil & gas company operating in Western Canada. SanLing is an sdsBinders client but there are many additional features beyond managing SDSs that SanLing enjoys.

Value-Added Inventory Support

Shirley Pohl, HSE Representative from SanLing explains, ”A fantastic feature of our sdsBinders system is the ability to do inventory updates. This feature was highlighted in a recent newsletter that was sent out by Chemscape. It explained to me how to search for chemicals in our corporate binder that we were not using in the field. I have since implemented a process in the field which we never had before. We now, annually, do an inventory update using the inventory feature.

Value-Added Regulatory Reporting

“Chemscape recently sent a newsletter highlighting the federal requirements for the Domestic Substances List. They provided us with the tools and explanation of what needed to be done. Chemscape steps up when their clients need to know new information related to their chemical inventory and explain how to use our sdsBinders tool to accomplish the tasks that need to be done. It makes my life so easy! We don’t need to spend money by hiring another company or consultant who will charge us for this service. I was quickly able to determine through using the Regulatory reporting feature in our sdsBinders system that we didn’t need to comply and I was able to submit a letter of noncompliance to the government.” says Shirley.

Value-Added Health & Safety Videos

“Beyond SDS Management we enjoy the safety meetings videos that Chemscape produces every month that cover a wide range of topics related to health and chemicals and are fantastic. The field staff incorporate them into their safety meetings regularly.”

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