SDS Authoring & GHS Compliant Labels

SDS Authoring & GHS Compliant Labels

Are you a chemical supplier and need SDS Authoring?

Deerfoot Consulting is the consulting arm of Chemscape Safety Technologies and we have become a trusted and reliable author of Material Safety Data Sheets and now Safety Data Sheets, as well as SDS management solutions.

SDS Authoring & GHS Compliant Labels from Chemscape

Professional SDS Authoring by experts, not software

Expert SDS Authoring Services by Deerfoot Consulting

Deerfoot Consulting has authored thousands of SDSs and Chemical Supplier Labels for a variety of clients globally and internationally since its incorporation in the year 2000. We are based in Calgary and as a result, have significant experience in SDS authoring for Oil and Gas. Since 2013, Deerfoot has written Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Safety Data Sheets.

We are well trained and experienced in the required elements and structure of SDS Authoring. If you need bilingual (English/French) or multilingual Safety Data Sheets or require SDSs for cross-border trade to satisfy numerous jurisdictions (Canada/USA), Deerfoot can help to ensure you have an SDS and GHS Compliant label for your product.

Expert SDS Authoring by Chemscape

Professional SDS Authoring Professionals Over Software

Have you chosen the lowest-priced laboratory or used a software-driven SDS Authoring program only to have your shipments questioned, fined or worse goods seized due to a poorly written Safety Data Sheet? Deerfoot has helped companies out in a pinch when short-sighted investment in SDS creation lands companies in hot water with inspectors and stops the transportation of goods or incurs fines.

Deerfoot SDSs: Industry-Leading SDS Authoring

Deerfoot SDSs: Industry-Leading SDS Authoring

Our certified and experienced SDS authoring professionals can take your lab analysis, reclassify chemicals and author an SDS to GHS standards that satisfy Canadian and American regulations. Our Safety Data Sheets have a best in class reputation and our documents are routinely recognized by regulators and inspectors as high quality and reliable. Don’t rely on low-cost providers or automated authoring programs to properly classify and write your safety data sheets and chemical labels.

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Benefits of Using an SDS Authoring Service

  • Easily Transition to SDSs and GHS Labels

    June 1, 2018 was the WHMIS 2015 deadline for Canadian Manufacturers & Suppliers to transition to SDS. If you require an update from MSDSs to SDSs, Deerfoot can help you through the transition to GHS. In February 2015 Health Canada amended WHMIS legislation to include the international GHS standards. Manufacturers and suppliers now must take steps in reclassifying products, relabeling, and creating Safety Data Sheets or SDSs to replace SDSs.

  • Expert SDS Authors Improve Regulatory Compliance with Global Trade Complexities

    Harmonizing classifications, SDSs and GHS labels is an improvement for global trade but SDSs still need to be authored by country. Classification changes for a product can affect Section 14 of the Safety Data Sheet on Transportation. In Canada, many Oil and Gas companies have seen Transport Canada enforce this for the past several years. A properly classified and authored SDS is critical to avoid potential fines.


  • Safety Data Sheets Authored to Meet Needs the Country the Product is Sold / Imported to

    A hazardous product for sale in Canada must have an SDS and supplier label available in the official languages of French and English. An English-only SDS arriving from the USA may be challenged on language grounds, in some workplaces if a portion of the population of the workforce communicates in French as a first language. Deerfoot Consulting can prepare SDSs with classification to Canadian and US legislation. Development of European formatted SDSs have different cut-off points for hazardous products depending on the type and degree of hazard.

  • Suppliers Have Only 90 Days to Re-Author an SDS

    If new data becomes available, Canadian producers have 90 days to make this knowledge public for a hazardous product sold or imported into Canada, by a written notice along with an SDS document. Supplier Labels need to be updated within 180 days. If classifications, toxicity information, or exposure limits for a product changes a new SDS might be required.

Our SDS Authoring Expertise by Industry

Chemscape Safety Technologies proudly offers comprehensive SDS authoring services for a wide range of industries, including:


Industry-Leading SDS Authoring

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The hope for some that GHS has “harmonized” us into one standard for all safety data sheets is unfortunately not the case. Suppliers will continue to need to keep on top of their product classifications, language requirements, and other related regulation changes in their country/state to stay compliant.

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