sdsBinders Instrumental in Implementing RBS Bulk Systems Safety Policies


RBS Bulk Systems is a bulk liquid transportation service throughout Western Canada and the United States. From location to location there is a large amount of different controlled and hazardous substances at each site.


RBS managed all their SDSs internally. The process was exhaustive and challenging. Employees spent too much time shuffling paper. SDS management was a growing concern, and RBS needed to find a more effective and efficient way to manage SDSs and ERGs across their numerous locations and while transporting chemicals. For RBS, accurate SDS management is essential to ensure both safety and compliance while transporting a broad range of products for their customers.


Tyler Morse, Manager of HSSE, sees a lot of value in the sdsBinders system, " The regular maintenance, tracking, and education of the company’s products and corresponding SDS’ can be at times a very difficult and time-consuming task. Since using the sdsBinders and the services of Chemscape Safety Technologies to facilitate our Companies SDS’, it has changed the game for us. What was once a very time and labour-intensive task, is now simplified and easily accomplished. Interaction with the Chemscape staff is frequent and the response is always timely. Support is superb. Improvements in the system are ongoing and input always welcome. They have been very reasonably priced, and always do exactly what we ask of them."


  • Proactive health and safety management
  • Educated and trained staff
  • Adhering to government regulations
  • Minimized risks through improved information for emergency responses and actions
  • Truck drivers now have up-to-date SDSs on the road and access to Emergency Response Guides


What our customer has to say

"sdsBinders has become an integral component of our health & safety program and I would recommend it without reservation. "

Tyler Morse – Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems