Improved Regulatory Reporting with Chemscape sdsBinders

Bellatrix Exploration

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd is a Calgary, Alberta based intermediate energy producer focused on exploration and development of light oil and liquids-rich natural gas opportunities in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Looking For An Easier Way to Perform Regulatory Reporting

Bellatrix initially contacted Chemscape as they were looking for an easier way to sift through 200 SDSs to identify CAS numbers for Environmental Reporting requirements while also improving SDS management, explains Susan Tran, who works in Environment, Safety and Regulatory for Bellatrix, "The initial strategy was very-time consuming; taking months to complete and likely done with errors. I thought to myself there must be a better option. I discovered sdsBinders and it allowed me to search for those products in my chemical inventory and matching CAS numbers in the regulatory list in a matter of seconds. It saved me a ton of time and ensured accuracy of the reports."

Reporting is Only a Fraction of the Value

Chemscape was able to get Bellatrix's site up and running in only 5-days with their SDS's available online. "They also keep our SDSs up-to- date and it comes with a free mobile App that folks in the field can download on their phones and still use even if they are in remote areas without network service. There are informative safety videos and PowerPoint presentations that are useful for safety meetings. They also provide necessary functions like the ability to create labels, as well the SmartChart which summarize product uses and PPE requirements."

Excellent Service Ensures Customer Success

"Customer service has been excellent from day one. Very knowledgeable service from our Account Manager who is knowledgeable and responds to my requests swiftly. She has put in a lot of effort to help ensure staff are appropriately trained." Susan Tran concludes, "We are very happy we chose Chemscape to help manage our SDS and Chemical Reporting needs."