Do you have the correct SDS for your product?

November 3, 2022

Do you have the correct SDS for your product?

Have you ever received a shipment of hazardous products and wondered if the SDS with the shipment is brand new or needs to be added to your SDS binder? Chemscape customers frequently inform us they have received an SDS and want to know if they need to add it to their SDS binder. Before customers send the SDS to our Data Entry team, some basic information is required:

Product Name

Product name must exactly match the product. A container label will have the product name if an SDS was not provided with the delivery. The product name is located in Section 1: Identification of an SDS.

Supplier Name

The manufacturer/supplier of the product is listed in Section 1: Identification of an SDS. If there is more than one address, choose the address that matches your country. A SDS should list an address for the country of import or purchase. For example, Product A may have been manufactured in the US, but its destination is Canada for sale. A local Canadian address should be listed in Section 1.

Product Code

Some hazardous products have product names that are similar – consumer motor oils are a common example.  A product code will be listed in Section 1: Identification of the SDS and this same product code may be located on the container label.

SDS for the Country of Product Use

With global trade, chemical SDSs are written for many countries and searching online for an SDS may not result in the correct SDS. A closer inspection of the SDS should provide the country of product use. This may be determined by Section 14: Transportation and Section 15: Regulatory Information of the SDS. There may be regulatory information listed for multiple countries/states/provinces if the SDS was written for North America. In Europe, regulatory information can add significant detail and length to a Safety Data Sheet.

Date of Preparation

If you receive an SDS with later shipments of hazardous products, you may question if the SDS is new or has changed. In Section 16: Other Information, it will list the date of preparation for the hazardous product. If the new SDS has a more recent date, you will need to update your binder and replace the old SDS with the new one.

How to Update Your sdsBinder

sdsBinders clients can update their binder by clicking the green arrow icon next to the SDS you want to replace. Clients can upload their changes and our Data Entry team receives the updated SDS directly and can replace it for you.

Safety Data Sheet Management Made Easy

Speed up your operations and reduce management costs when you use Chemscape’s SDS management solutions. Our sdsbinders can minimize the complexity around safety data sheets. Our software helps your organization actively manage your chemicals and makes accessing your current SDS library easier.