Common Workplace Health Hazards & Occupational Diseases

Incorrect use of chemicals at the workplace can cause occupational disease, as well as long-term health effects as a result of exposure to chemicals over an extended period. Below we highlight some of the most common occupational diseases and health hazards, and how you can protect yourself and your workers.

What are some common chemical-related health hazards in the workplace? 

Asthma, various cancers, and damage to vital organs are among some of the most common diseases resulting from workplace exposure to harmful chemicals. The use of potentially harmful chemicals in the workplace always carries with it an element of risk. However, the risk of harm is minimized where chemicals are used and stored correctly. 

Not all of these chemicals are obscure: some of them are everyday items that many of us might not consider to be overly toxic or harmful. For example long-term exposure to diesel fumes or ammonia through inhalation can lead to serious health problems. Needless to say, it is crucial that workplaces put in place the appropriate measures to minimize the risk and prevent disease caused by on-the-job chemical exposure.  

The first step to prevention is knowledge. Below you can find described many common diseases related to workplace chemical exposure . We have also identified harmful chemicals and classes of chemicals most often found in Canadian workplaces and described their ill effects on the body.  

Common Occupational Diseases

Exposure to harmful chemicals can interfere with or cause damage to your body’s organs or vital systems. These may include the skin, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and even reproductive system.  Some chemicals are harmful through repeated exposure. That is to say, they cause cumulative damage to the body’s vital systems over time to the point of the collapse or failure of that system. This may include various cancers, respiratory diseases, and damage to the liver and kidneys. 

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Common Occupational Health Hazards

Industries that make use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace need to be aware of the dangers associated with those chemicals to protect their employees from harm. The first step towards prevention is knowledge. When potentially hazardous agents and their harmful effects are identified, the appropriate precautions be taken to protect the health and safety of worker. Here are some of the most common health hazards associated with specific chemicals or classes of chemicals. 

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