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Benefits of Choosing Chemscape’s SDS Management Software

2022 Readers' Choice Badge Awarded to ChemscapeThere are several competing SDS Management Software on the market today. Many advertise a low price to win your business. But once you sign on, you get hit with a host of added charges and end up paying much more than expected. The competing system may look like it costs less but once you consider quality, functionality, productivity, and the final invoice you’ll be paying, we’re confident you’ll determine that Chemscape’s sdsBinders is your best SDS software value option.

1. Customized SDS portal that matches your brand and business

We will set up your sdsBinders site to match your brand and business. Your SDS library can be organized to how you operate with separate online SDS binders for each business unit, location, or work groups. While alternate vendors often charge a fee for every extra binder you need, sdsBinders allows you to set up an unlimited number of binders for different business units, facilities, and service vehicles at no extra charge.

2. A rich search and reporting feature for your chemical inventory 

sdsBinders enters important information from your SDSs into the sdsBinders database. The result is a rich search capability and valuable regulatory and health reporting feature that everyone will have access to at no additional cost. Your regulatory department will thank you for all the time they save completing regulatory reporting. 

3. No SDS duplicates 

sdsBinders prevents duplicates and does not allow any out-of-date documents to be kept.  Many competing databases are full of duplicates and this becomes very confusing to the client on which document to choose. This also increases the risk of selecting inaccurate and non-compliant documents and paying for documents you do not need. With sdsBinders, you'll only have to pay for the SDSs you need. 

4. Compliant SDS inventory 

sdsBinders provides a high-quality standard for SDS Management across the organization so an inspector can show up at any time and an up-to-date SDS inventory can be presented with confidence. Our team renews SDSs daily with chemical manufacturers/suppliers and is knowledgeable on changing regulations to ensure that your SDSs are current and compliant for your worksite. 

5. Personalized service and access to resources 

sdsBinders clients receive a dedicated account representative to oversee implementation and proactively keep in touch with clients to ensure they are getting full value out of the software. An in-house Industrial Hygienist is a valued resource for clients on regulatory and industrial hygiene concerns. Clients will also gain access to a library of support tools including PDFs, PowerPoints, and video resources plus the services of a customer support team.

Client testimonial

Online SDS Management

“SDS Binders has a great product, and I highly recommend their system to anyone looking for a solution to their SDS nightmare!  Their customer support has also been amazing.  They provided excellent hands-on training and reference materials for integrating the system into our health and safety program.  They have also continued to provide on-going support.  They have responded quickly to many requests and I have also found them to be very open to suggestions for improvement to their system which I place a high value on when considering software providers.”
Ray Caddy, Canadian Energy Services


Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the sdsBinders difference today. 


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