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Online SDS Sheets

Is Paper Management Slowing you and your Business Down?

Online systems make work processes faster and far more efficient. Paper-based systems slow down operations, come with high hidden costs and compromise both worker safety and regulatory compliance.

Why Is Paper Such a Problem?

A paper system may be adequate for small operations with just a few people, just a few chemicals and a single location.  But as the number of SDSs grows, the harder and more time consuming it gets for workers to find the specific piece of paper they’re looking for.  They have to search through thick binders of documents that are often clogged with multiple SDSs for the same product.  Then they have to play detective and examine issue dates to figure out which SDS is current and which ones are not.

All too often documents are nowhere to be found.  It’s common for paper copies to be delayed in transit, get misfiled, or go missing altogether.

Top benefits quoted by clients who move from paper to online SDS management:

  1. The list of SDS sheets is finally compliant and up-to-date.
  2. No one misses searching for those SDS sheets.
  3. This saves us so much time.
  4. I can now focus on other health and safety tasks.
  5. I feel confident and ready for an audit at any time.

Straightforward Transition

We can move you from paper-based to an online management system in 2-3 weeks. We’ll guide you through every step, provide in-person training and have an online step-by-step video training program.  Support is only a phone call away.

"It was the first time that I had ever worked with an electronic program for SDS. It is going on 4 years now that we have been using Chemscape for our SDS needs and it has been great. It has taken the stress away when it comes to auditing time.  It is so easy for anyone of our workers to go online and look up and print an SDS for any product we have in the shop or field sites. All of our Mechanics have the link on their computers and with one click they are on the site. It has really stream lined our SDS program and given me a level of confidence that I never really had before.
The other features I really like is the toolbox and training resources available on the site. There has been a lot of time and thought put into the program which makes it a valuable resource that is tailored to a company such as ours."
Brad Stevenot, Browns Industrial Resources

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