sdsBinders Features at a Glance

Since 2003 Chemscape has delivered a SDS management solution that is simple and scalable for clients across a variety of industries from small companies to international organizations with 100’s of worksites and 1000’s of employees. Chemscape’s signature product sdsBinders is designed so clients can easily keep SDSs up-to-date.

Improve SDS Binders Management with sdsBinders

sdsBinders can empower your organization with effective chemical hazard tools to ensure compliance and enhance workplace safety. From efficient inventory tracking to seamless access to safety data sheets, sdsBinders offers a user-friendly solution. Discover the key features of Chemscape’s sdsBinders product:

sdsBinders Features

What Does sdsBinders Offer?

 Easy-to-Use SDS Management System 

Your own custom branded web-based portal will house and keep your SDSs accessible 24/7. Through a secure log in users can search for safety data sheet by various product characteristics. Usability is as easy as using Google. Search terms include product name, supplier, manufacturer, CAS number and UN number. Clients can even add their own searchable alias to a product.

 Centralized SDS Binders

One central administrative site to add, delete, or renew. Make changes to your SDS binders on your own for free.

 SDSs Organized by Location/Country

Reflect your company structure and organize your SDSs by location, worksite, business unit, facility groups. This process is fast and easy.

 To Keep SDS 

Chemscape’s SDS software keeps your SDSs up to date; we call suppliers on your behalf on a 3-year cycle. Chemscape has a library with more than 70,000 SDSs. The records are up to date with no duplicates or outdated documents in the database. You can request new documents through the online SDS management system as needed.

Access SDSs Offline

 Workers can print a copy of their SDS binder or save a copy locally to their laptop or mobile device if required.

 SDS Inventory Monitoring

 Monthly email notifications inform you of safety data sheets that have been renewed, deleted, and added for each location. 

 Mobile Access to sdsBinders

Customers enjoy access to a mobile SDS app to access their SDS Binders. Save SDSs to your mobile device so you can access SDSs if cellular/internet access fails.

 Creating Secondary Workplace GHS Labels

GHS Labels can be created in sdsBinders and printed in various sizes. 

 Regulatory Reporting Assistance

Search capability for ingredients in your SDS library that may be on health or regulatory lists. Labels can be created in sdsBinders and printed in various sizes. 

Excellent Customer Service

Chemscape provides experts in SDS Authoring, WHMIS, HazCom and Industrial Hygiene. Our level of support and service is backed by our high referral rate and high level of customer retention. If you want a professional and responsive SDS Management Service, Chemscape is here to help you. 


What People are Saying About sdsBinders

"sdsBinders has helped us to give easy access to all our employees to the SDS instead of having hard copy binders throughout the shop. They can look up the SDS either on their phones or at one of the Computer Stations in the shop or the lunchroom. Our First Aiders have the mobile app on their phone so in case of an emergency they can access the SDS via web. It saves me time at the end of the month to go through all the expired SDS and ensure we have the latest version of the SDS available. We can also do easy searches against regulatory requirements we have to full fill and CAS # we have to avoid or identify and look for alternative products.  "

Stefanie Meeder – ESQ Advisor Teknion Solutions

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