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Regulatory Reporting Made Easy

Regulatory reporting is one of the most complex challenges in managing hazardous chemicals today. In many organizations keeping on top of regulations is a specialized role for an individual. The chemical regulatory environment is only getting more onerous and stringent. It often can make or break your ability to stay compliant and do business.

For one person it is a full-time job to stay on top of your chemical inventory, regulatory changes and reporting deadlines. Compiling information and data required for a regulatory report can take weeks. sdsBinders incorporates a regulatory compliance reporting feature that can access your up to date chemical inventory and generate the information needed for your chemical safety reports in minutes.

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Reporting for CEPA, SARA & EPA

Reporting Is a Very Complex Task

At first glance, the regulatory requirements seem straightforward.  But in practice, it is extremely onerous to generate the information demanded by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act(CEPA), the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act(SARA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The government agencies require inventory reports on an ever-growing list of hazardous substances.

Looking at a product list, it is impossible to know which products contain the designated substances and which ones don’t.  When you factor in the long list of ingredients and the thousands of chemical products used in industry, the seemingly simple task becomes a nightmare.

sdsBinders Makes It Easy to Find the Information You Need

With an up to date chemical inventory maintained in sdsBinders regulatory reporting is ready and can be run in a matter of minutes. You can even search for data on archived products if required. sdsBinders is constantly adding new Canadian and USA regulatory lists to their reporting tool.  We interpret the information to make it easier for you to search for the chemical safety information you need.  

Get Results Quickly, Accurately and On-Demand

Get the information you need in 3 easy steps in sdsBinders:  

1 – Choose a regulatory report like CEPA or SARA from a drop-down list.  

2 – Choose an operating location or your chemical inventory. 

3 – Enter a date range like a calendar year.  

The search results return a list of chemical products with any substances in question in seconds.


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Regulatory Reporting Goes from Months to Minutes

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Current sdsBinders clients find the time they save doing chemical regulatory reporting alone is a clear-cut benefit that justifies their return on their investment and turns a routine task from months to mere minutes.

sdsBinders is invaluable for compiling chemical inventory reports for government agencies. CEPA statements used to take us three weeks. sdsBinders gets the job done in minutes.

- John Davis, Gibsons Energy, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Advisor

I was assigned to reporting requirements for the CEPA 71 Chemicals Management Plan.  This notice listed hundreds of different types of product names under three different categories. We had about 200 product SDS’s in our purchase inventory at that time. This meant that I had to thoroughly sift through 200 SDS’s and visually look—for CAS number matches. Reporting was a very time-consuming manual task; if I had continued down this path, it would have probably taken me several months to a year to complete. That’s where I connected with Chemscape, and am so glad that I did! Within just 5 days all of our SDS’s were made available on our online site. This product has a very handy reporting tool that contains built-in Regulatory Lists, allowing you to search for products in your binder/inventory that match those found in the list within just seconds… What a relief!  Chemscape is a wonderful product that not only saved me a ton of time, but also ensures accuracy of the reports. Furthermore, the reporting tool is only a fraction of what this product offers.

- Susan Tran, Bellatrix 


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