Build Your SDS Database for Improved Health & Safety

Streamline, automate and centralize your SDS Management with sdsBinders

Chemscape’s signature SDS software, sdsBinders, is designed so clients can easily keep up-to-date safety data sheets in an easily accessible database. With a simple click, you can download your current SDS inventory so you can always stay ahead of compliance updates.

Chemscape’s sdsBinders online SDS database improves health and safety by keeping easily accessible safety data sheets up to date.

Why Choose Chemscape’s SDS Database: sdsBinders

Chemscape’s sdsBinders software is an electronic database that provides clients with a number of benefits including:

  • Organize your SDS Library to Fit the Way You Work

    You can organize your SDS library in sdsBinders exactly how your business operates with separate binders and sub-binders for your business units, locations or work process. Change the binder structure of your safety data sheets as often as you want at no additional cost.

  • Immediate Access to Safety Data Sheets

    Access SDSs whenever you want online from your sdsBinders portal. Employees and contractors can use the sdsBinders mobile app to find the chemical safety information they need while on the job. Your library is available 24/7 and giving you confidence in the compliance of your SDS inventory.

  • Easy to Find SDS Information

    sdsBinders makes it fast and easy for your workers to find the exact information they need. Save time finding SDSs with a clutter-free SDS database with only the SDSs you need. 

  • Easy to Share SDSs

    Do you need to supply chemical safety information to customers or contractors? The sdsBinders database makes it simple for you to share SDSs by setting up a secure sharable link for the people who need it.

  • Easy to Print SDS Documents

    Sometimes your workers may need access to paper copies of safety data sheets. With sdsBinders, you can save and print all your SDS documents if required in a matter of seconds.

  • Easy to Stay SDS Compliant

    SDSs are not permanent. When information changes sdsBinders does the work for you to track down new SDS information with chemical suppliers and adds this information to your database. sdsBinders makes it effortless for you to stay compliant.

Easier Regulatory Reporting

sdsBinders helps compile chemical inventory reports for government agencies. This simplified reporting saves time and finds efficiencies. 

Easy to Learn and Get Support

Our clients consistently report that our SDS database is intuitive and easy-to-learn. When you first sign on to sdsBinders we provide a complete training program for your administrator along with annual refresher sessions.

Make the switch from paper to an online SDS library

Paper-based systems slow down operations, come with high hidden costs and compromise both worker safety and regulatory compliance. A paper system may be adequate for small operations with just a few people, just a few chemicals and a single location.  But as the number of SDSs grows, the harder and more time consuming it gets for workers to find the specific piece of paper they’re looking for. Chemscape’s online SDS library simplifies accessing chemical information and keeps you in compliance.

A worker making the switch to Chemscape’s SDS database, sdsBinders.

Streamline, automate and centralize your SDS Management

What Our Clients Say About Using an SDS Database

  1. Our SDS sheets are finally compliant and up to date.
  2. No one misses searching for those SDS sheets.
  3. This saves us so much time.
  4. I can now focus on other health and safety tasks.
  5. I feel confident and ready for an audit at any time.


& Customer Success

"Uploading our SDSs to our new sdsBinders site was glorious.  The sdsBinders system has already paid for itself in the time it has saved me.  It only took me 45 minutes to search the Chemscape database and upload our entire SDS inventory to our new Ocean Concrete sdsBinders site vs the multiple days it takes to google SDS sheets on manufacturer websites and print them out. I have just made my first workplace label and it was so easy.  I printed it out on our chemical resistant Avery labels on our office printer and it is a beautiful sight! It just takes a little bit of computer literacy, but the system is super easy to use. "

Mauricio Curbelo – Operations Supervisor
"sdsBinders has helped us to give easy access to all our employees to the SDS instead of having hard copy binders throughout the shop. They can look up the SDS either on their phones or at one of the Computer Stations in the shop or the lunchroom. Our First Aiders have the mobile app on their phone so in case of an emergency they can access the SDS via web. It saves me time at the end of the month to go through all the expired SDS and ensure we have the latest version of the SDS available. We can also do easy searches against regulatory requirements we have to full fill and CAS # we have to avoid or identify and look for alternative products. "

Stefanie Meeder – ESQ Advisor Teknion Solutions
"sdsBinders is invaluable for compiling chemical inventory reports for government agencies. CEPA statements used to take us three weeks. sdsBinders gets the job done in minutes. "

John Davis – Gibsons Energy, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Advisor
"It was the first time that I had ever worked with an electronic program for SDS. It is going on 4 years now that we have been using Chemscape for our SDS needs and it has been great. It has taken the stress away when it comes to auditing time.  It is so easy for anyone of our workers to go online and look up and print an SDS for any product we have in the shop or field sites. All of our Mechanics have the link on their computers and with one click they are on the site. It has really streamlined our SDS program and given me a level of confidence that I never really had before. The other features I really like is the toolbox and training resources available on the site. There has been a lot of time and thought put into the program which makes it a valuable resource that is tailored to a company such as ours. "

Brad Stevenot – Browns Industrial Resources
"The status of non-compliance has basically disappeared in the fact that all of our SDS are current and up to date with the latest information. The program has removed the administrative heavy aspect of actual SDS Management. The cost savings continue to add up as we continue to grow as a company and add more employees to our list. This program enables all our employees’ instant access to product information. As I branch out and consult more and more clients, this is one of the first programs that I recommend.  "

Troy Jewell – CRSP Ruel Concrete Ltd.