How do you control your hazards if you don’t know what they are?

Communicate your Health Hazards and Controls with the SmartChart

We have built upon all the features and value you receive in sdsBinders and provide you a suite of tools to take your chemical hazard communication to the next level. CHAMPlite (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) takes your chemical inventory and provides thoughtful guidance and controls for working with your chemicals based on international standards. Features include a suite of SmartChart® posters, workplace labels, and the ability to create banned/restricted product lists for your site.

Our SmartChart® suite are a collection of hazard communication posters tailored to your chemical inventory with prepopulated icons for PPE, admin controls, preventative, reactive, spills, fire and first aid.

  • Classic SmartChart – post these charts around your facility to display all chemical hazards and controls onsite.
  • Spills SmartChart – add a breakdown of the hazards and controls required for small and large spills to your emergency response plan
  • Daily Task SmartChart – use in a project kickoff meeting to review all chemical hazards and controls used in a task
  • TDG SmartChart – add to your shipping documents to provide accurate details on a product for transport

SmartChart on a chemical cabinet10 Ways to use a SmartChart:

  1. Work permits as additional communication on worksite hazards and preparation.
  2. Prejob Meetings to review hazards and controls.
  3. Tail Gate Meetings to review safety procedures.
  4. Routine tasks and posted as signage.
  5. Turnaround to prepare for tasks with elevated risk.
  6. Signage on chemical storage cabinets.
  7. The cover page of a SDS binder.
  8. Additional resource appendix to your exposure control plan.
  9. Additional information appendix to shipping documents as well as to assist with completing documentation accurately.
  10. As part of your emergency response plan.

The SmartChart:

  • Is a powerful tool to communicate the hazards and controls to safely work with chemicals.
  • Drives the message home using icons that transcend language and literacy barriers.
  • Uses images as powerful tools and processed 60,000X faster by the human brain than text.
  • Provides at a glance information so workers know the risks and the exact steps they need to stay safe. 

"The SmartChart feature not only provides us with a great library of our controlled products, their uses, PPE and other safety requirements but also as a great visual resource for our employees in the shops and labs who use these products day to day and need accurate and efficient information quickly as they perform their duties. They are able to source the chart for information as opposed to navigating through the entire SDS sheet each time."
Tim Unruh, Health and Safety Manager
Pacesetter Directional Drilling Ltd.

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the sdsBinders difference today. 

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