Chemical Hazard Communication with SmartChart

Improve Chemical Hazard Communication to Promote a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Effective tools and training are vital to understanding the information provided on SDS sheets and chemical container labels. Applying chemical hazard communication knowledge in the workplace is essential for safeguarding against potential chemical hazards.

Communicate your Chemical Health Hazards and Controls with the SmartChart

Our chemical hazard SmartChart® takes your chemical inventory and illustrates the hazards of a product and the controls need to work with it safely using icons which are quick and easy to understand with standard hazard communication pictograms. Images are processed 60,000X faster by the human brain than text. Our SmartChart® is a hazard communication poster with icons for GHS Hazards, PPE, and Health Risks. Post these hazard communication charts around your facility to display all chemical hazards and controls onsite.

How to use a Chemical Hazard SmartChart for Chemical Hazard Communication:

  1. Work permits as additional communication on worksite hazards and preparation.
  2. Prejob Meetings to review chemical hazards and controls.
  3. Tail Gate Meetings to review workplace health and safety procedures.
  4. Routine tasks and posted as chemical hazard communication signage.
  5. Turnaround to prepare for tasks with elevated risk.
  6. HazCom signage on chemical storage cabinets.
  7. The cover page of a SDS binder.
  8. Additional resource appendix to your exposure control plan.
  9. Additional information appendix to shipping documents as well as to assist with completing hazard communication documentation accurately.
  10. As part of your emergency response plan.

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Chemscape’s SmartChart chemical inventory guide attached to a storage cabinet.


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Chemical Hazard Communication with sdsBinders

Enhance Worker Skills with our Expert-Led Online Hazcom Videos

As a Chemscape client, you have access to our extensive library of HazCom educational resources as a value-added service. These videos are a great resource for your next health and safety newsletter or meeting.

Access an online video library of over 40-titles on chemical safety topics like: Asbestos, NORM, Diesel Exhaust, Eye Safety, Respirators, Kidneys and Chemicals, Decontamination and Occupational Lung Diseases.

Print GHS Labels for sdsBinders Online SDS Management Software

Print GHS labels directly from sdsBinders

Communicate your hazards with GHS workplace labels made with our SDS management software, sdsBinders. Create GHS labels of varying sizes and print them at your convenience in the office using label sheets. 


& Customer Success

"The SmartChart feature not only provides us with a great library of our controlled products, their uses, PPE and other safety requirements but also as a great visual resource for our employees in the shops and labs who use these products day to day and need accurate and efficient information quickly as they perform their duties. They are able to source the chart for information as opposed to navigating through the entire SDS sheet each time. "

Tim Unruh, Health and Safety Manager – Pacesetter Directional Drilling Ltd.
"SmartCharts are useful because they provide a visual summary of how a particular chemical is to be used on site including what PPEs to wear and any health risks than can be associated with any ingredients in the products.  It is a great way to communicate chemical use information to our workers. "

William (Bill) Litousky – ACPHSSE Operations & Systems Coordinator PetroChina Canada Ltd.
"I love the SmartChart® poster and have been using them since 2018. I put it on the coating department’s wash bay door so that they know the hazards and what to wear before they go in. When an OHS Officer came in, he loved it as well! Additionally, I have laminated the SmartChart® tool in the wash bay at the shower with instructions of what to do in an emergency. It is on the door, so people know what they are walking into, no one can say, “I didn’t know. "

Carrie Sztogryn – Health and Safety Coordinator Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

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