Benefits of Using a Registered SDS Author

Benefits of Using a Registered SDS Author – Chemscape

As workplace safety, product safety, and product stewardship become increasingly complex, you require assurance of the capabilities of those writing and reviewing Safety Data Sheets and Labels for your manufactured products. The expectations from regulators and legislators for accurately written SDSs have increased. Poorly written SDSs can cost your company financially in terms of fines, transport delays, and reputational damage. 

Why do I need a Registered SDS Author?

SDSs have a significant amount of information in 16 separate sections. An SDS Author should have the necessary education and practical experience to make the right authoring decisions for your products. To this end, there is a professional designation called the Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRP™).

About the SDSRP™ Designation

The Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRP™) designation is a collaboration between the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC). It is the only credential that focuses on assessing the skills and knowledge individuals need to properly prepare or review SDSs and Labels to meet GHS requirements.  

The SDSRP designation ensures consumers have a professional SDS author with a minimum level of education and experience to prepare and review SDSs and labels to meet GHS requirements. Authors need to maintain their competency with ongoing credential maintenance. It is not a widely known designation, but it is an important program in the world of hazard communication. 

Invest in Professional SDS Authoring Solutions

Registered authors have a deeper understanding of the classification process and all the different types of hazards. Growing and protecting your business involves gaining a market edge by using registered SDS authors. Investing in SDSs authored by SDSRPs is an investment in Quality Assurance. Have confidence in the credibility of your SDSs and keep your products moving through the supply chain with confidence.

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