Workplace or Secondary Chemical Labels

Workplace or Secondary Chemical Labels

Our GHS Secondary Container labels can be created quickly within our system for every chemical product and based on your chemical approvals. Our labels exceed minimum standards and include hazard controls like PPE for extra worker guidance and protection.

Ensure Your Workplace Chemical Labels are GHS and NFPA Compliant

Workplaces in Canada and the USA need to ensure that all hazardous materials are labelled in the workplace. The responsibility for labelling the container falls upon the supplier of the product. Our chemical management tool can automate creating your secondary labels in GHS and NFPA formats.

Create Secondary Labels that Work for Your Business

Labels can be printed on your office printer in different sizes. Labels are available by product and accessible to anyone searching for the SDS. You can create workplace labels for all your products for anyone looking to replace damaged labels, store or transfer hazardous materials. Secondary labels can also be created in different languages if you have diverse populations in your workforce that could benefit from a label in their first language.

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe, and productive.