SmartChart® Hazard Communication Poster

SmartChart® Hazard Communication Poster

Chemscape has developed a Hazard Communication tool called the SmartChart®. Our SmartChart® is a chemical management tool that takes your chemical inventory and illustrates the hazards of a product and the controls needed to work with it safely using icons which are quick and easy to understand.  

Why Use a SmartChart®? 

Images are processed 60,000X faster by the human brain than text. That’s why the SmartChart poster lists the chemical products and uses icons to show their hazards, PPE, and Health Risks. It is a simple and eye-catching visual reminder of the chemical hazards and controls your workers interact with.  

SmartChart posters are generated based on chemical approvals and can be made for a few chemicals or for several chemicals used for a task or special project like a turnaround operation. 

Where to Display Your SmartChart® 

SmartChart posters can be displayed on facility storage closets, used a work permits, reviewed during pre-job meetings, or even used as part of exposure control plans. Post these hazard communication charts around your facility to display all chemical hazards and controls onsite.  

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe, and productive.