Improve Chemical Management

Improve worker health: Occupational illness and death statistics due to chemical exposure are in reality higher due to the long latency periods between chemical exposures and the onset of disease, as well as the lack of understanding between illnesses and chemicals. Replacing known hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives can help reduce these numbers.

Reduce costs: Using hazardous chemicals in the workplace results in substantial direct, indirect, and liability costs to business, public health and the environment.Transitioning to safer alternatives can reduce these costs, as well as improve performance efficiency, industry leadership and corporate stewardship.

Reduce potential for regrettable substitutions: Hazardous chemicals have the potential to be misused in the workplace; replaced with substitute chemicals or redesigned products or processes that may pose new and potentially greater hazards to workers. Implementing a process of informed substitution – which examines the hazard, performance, and cost of all options – can protect workers and identify replacements that are unlikely to cause more problems or be a target of future regulatory efforts.

Achieve compliance with laws and regulations: Legislation has been in place to regulate chemicals but in recent years’ government is requiring even greater disclosure of chemicals throughout the supply chain. The trend will only continue in future with greater restrictions and reporting requirements placed on companies. Taking a proactive approach transitioning to safer alternatives keeps companies compliant locally and competitive globally. 

Be a corporate steward of the environment: Transitioning to safer chemicals in the workplace can also contribute to creating products that are less hazardous for the environment. This gives businesses the opportunity to brand their company with a new, green and innovative image.

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Tyler Morse, Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems

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