CHAMP Improves Chemical Safety in the Workplace

Chemical advice for planning and improving worker safety.

Eliminate the guesswork & Improve Chemical Management

Chemical advice for planning and improving worker safety.

CHAMP considers how your chemicals are being used to improve chemical safety in the workplace. 

The risk assessment tool calculates the controls required and presents this information in easy-to-understand icons for field workers.  

Recommendations follow the Hierarchy of Controls and are adjusted based on product use and your current controls.  

Knowledgeable Health and Safety Professionals can customize the PPE to their situations.  

Hierarchy of controls by Chemscape Safety Technologies
CHAMP icon for restricted chemicals in the workplace by Chemscape Safety Technologies

Restrict or prohibit hazardous products and ingredients.   

Establish rules in CHAMP to flag ingredients of concern. Enforce your company objectives and policies for sustainability and health with an effective chemical management program. 

CHAMP icon for chemical substitutions to improve worker safety by Chemscape Safety Technologies

Search for less toxic chemical substitutions. 

CHAMP has a built-in substitution tool to find product substitutes for hazardous products in order to improve worker safety.

Centralized chemical approvals 


Chemical approvals are completed in seconds from one centralized location. Set-up chemical approvals in CHAMP for who can approve certain hazard levels at certain locations; create approver groups or even auto-approve low hazard chemicals for workflow efficiencies. 


Chemical approval using CHAMP by Chemscape Safety Technologies


Use as a planning tool for proactive worker protection

Develop your chemical management from a reactive to a proactive program. Bring chemical considerations into the project planning and procurement stage. CHAMP is a proactive tool that helps you plan for effective worker protection. Manage environmental risk better by knowing the workplace hazards and regulatory implications of the chemical at the planning stage. 

Use as a chemical reference and audit tool

CHAMP provides an objective reference for decisions made on chemical use. Search for substances on regulatory lists by regulatory jurisdiction which may require additional controls and reporting. 

Improve chemical management in the workplace

Improve Chemical Management in the Workplace 

Cut through chemical complexity and get proactive chemical management. Extend your Industrial/Occupational Hygiene Resources with CHAMP Software to understand and control your workplace chemical hazards in seconds. Make sure: 

  1. Every chemical task is performed safely and efficiently.   

  1. Every risk is understood.  

  1. Every precaution is taken.   

  1. Every worker is safe on the job and healthy in retirement.  

Client Success

"Interaction with the Chemscape staff is frequent and the response is always timely. Support is superb. Improvements in the system are ongoing and input always welcome. I'm happy to recommend the services of Chemscape Technology Services."
Tyler Morse, Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems 

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