Eliminate or Substitute High Hazard Chemicals

Hazardous Chemical Substitution & Eliminations

CHAMP (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) methodology follows the hierarchy of controls in providing advice and starts at the elimination/substitution level. To enable the most effective control, CHAMP facilitates easy searching directly within the sdsBinders system to substitute similar chemicals appropriate to your process.

 Hierarchy of Controls – Chemscape Safety Technologies

Eliminating hazards at the source is the most effective method of reducing adverse health effects in the workplace. CHAMP assessments are based upon an industrial hygiene principle known as the hierarchy of controls to guide employers and workers to eliminate or reduce hazardous chemicals at the source by substituting them with safer alternatives. These strategies can completely eliminate exposure to hazardous chemicals, reduce the potential for chemical accidents, reduce disposal costs, and remove concerns regarding worker health and safety.


Mike Phibbs President of Chemscape talks to iKan Media at the 2016 Banff Petroleum Safety Conference on managing Chemical Hazards and the Hierarchy of Controls. 



Substitution –a way to reduce chemical risk?

The implementation of effective chemical substitution policies and management practices at the workplace can deliver significant benefits in terms of protecting the health and safety of workers.

Here is a checklist to guide you through considering substitution in your chemical handling strategy to make your workplace healthier and safer.

Do you use chemicals?

Using less hazardous chemicals or reducing the number of chemicals for a task as well as stopping the use altogether (elimination) can increase safety and reduce cost.

Can you reduce risk to worker health from chemical use?

By law companies need to control risks for chemical use; using less hazardous chemicals or reducing the amount of chemical is good corporate governance.

Do you have a legal obligation to substitute?

Certain classifications of chemicals are required to be eliminated or substituted by regulatory authorities. Meet and exceed regulatory requirements with substitution.

Are hazardous fumes or dust created at your workplace?

Some materials that are not hazardous can become hazardous if fumes or dust are part of their process. Changing the source of fumes or dust, work practices or processes can increase safety.  

Are chemicals used often and /or in large amounts?

When frequency and quantity of chemical use increases so does the exposure risk to workers and/or the environment. Finding chemical alternatives and changes to work practises can help reduce the amount and frequency of chemical use.

Do you use control measures to reduce chemical risks?

Using less hazardous chemicals may require less control measures like PPE and reduce the cost of controlling chemical risk. 

Can substitution align with your corporate image?

Companies are increasingly operating in a sustainable manner. Using substitution as part of your chemical management strategy is also good business practise to protect your social license.


The ability to restrict, prohibit or ban certain ingredients  

Organizations are increasingly setting policy on restricting or eliminating certain chemicals in their organization for environmental or health reasons. Although elimination is at the top of the Hierarchy of Control and the most effective methods of controlling chemical hazards it can be the most difficult to implement. 

CHAMP has a tool to help you restrict the addition of new products of concern into the organization or search for and identify products of concern in your inventory.

CHAMP has a flexible elimination feature that allows you to setup your own rules and definitions that follow your company objectives and processes.

You can event create your own custom regulatory lists to search for products in your inventory with specific ingredients and CAS numbers you identify.


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