CHAMP Chemical Substitution System

Chemical Substitutions Made Easy.

Make chemical substitution simple and effective with CHAMP, Chemscape's chemical substitution system. By phasing out or replacing chemicals that are either no longer in use or deemed harmful, CHAMP ensures the safety of your workers while finding environmentally friendly alternatives.  

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Benefits of Chemscape’s Chemical Substitution Software

Eliminating hazards at the source is the most effective method of reducing adverse health effects in the workplace. Our cutting-edge chemical substitution software streamlines this process, allowing you to seamlessly search within the sdsBinders system for suitable alternative chemicals that are tailored to your specific operations. CHAMP assessments are based upon the industrial hygiene principle known as the hierarchy of controls, providing guidance to employers and workers on effectively eliminating or reducing hazardous chemicals by substituting them with safer alternatives. The benefits of implementing CHAMP include:

  • Eliminating or reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals: CHAMP helps identify and assess the risks associated with hazardous chemicals in your workplace. By understanding these risks, you can take proactive measures to eliminate the use of these chemicals or reduce exposure through substitution.
  • Minimizing the potential for chemical accidents: By implementing control measures and safety protocols based on CHAMP’s recommendations, you significantly reduce the likelihood of chemical accidents. 
  • Decreasing disposal costs: By using chemicals more efficiently and disposing of them properly, you can lower disposal costs and reduce the volume of hazardous waste generated. 
  • Alleviating concerns related to worker health and safety: By identifying and mitigating risk, you’ll boost employee morale and confidence in the organization’s commitment to their wellbeing. 


Help Your Workers Access Chemical Hazards and Make Substitutions


Key Considerations for Implementing a Chemical Substitution System 

If you are still unsure about whether you should implement substitution in your chemical handling strategy, consider the following questions:

Using less hazardous chemicals or reducing the number of chemicals for a task as well as stopping the use altogether (elimination) can increase safety and reduce costs.

By law, companies are required to effectively manage the health risks of chemical use. Opting for less hazardous chemicals or reducing the amount of chemicals is not only a legal obligation but is also good corporate governance.

Certain classifications of chemicals are required to be eliminated or substituted by regulatory authorities. By substituting or eliminating chemicals, your organization will be able to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Some materials that are not hazardous can become hazardous if fumes or dust are part of their process. Changing the source of fumes or dust, work practices or processes can increase safety.

When the frequency and quantity of chemical use increases so does the exposure risk to workers and/or the environment. Finding chemical alternatives and implementing changes to work practices can help reduce the amount and frequency of chemical use.

Using less hazardous chemicals may require fewer control measures like PPE which in turn reduces the cost of controlling chemical risk. 

Companies are increasingly operating in a sustainable manner. Using a chemical substitution system as part of your chemical management strategy is also good business practice to protect your social license.

Improve Chemical Substitution Practices with CHAMP

Organizations are increasingly adopting policies to restrict or eliminate certain chemicals within their facilities. While the elimination of hazardous chemicals is the most effective method of controlling chemical hazards, it can also be the most difficult to implement. Where complete elimination isn’t possible, the substitution of hazardous chemicals is the next best option. This is where CHAMP’s chemical substitution system comes in:

  • Search and Identify Products of Concern: CHAMP is designed to help you restrict the addition of new products of concern into the organization or search for and identify products of concern in your inventory.
  • Flexible Elimination: CHAMP has a flexible elimination feature that allows you to set up your own rules and definitions that follow your company objectives and processes. 
  • Custom Regulatory Lists: CHAMP allows you to create your own custom regulatory lists to search for products in your inventory with specific ingredients and CAS numbers you identify. 

To learn more about how CHAMP software can provide your workplace with the necessary tools to make chemical substitutions easy, get in touch with the experts at Chemscape Safety Technologies today.   

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive.