Chemical Hazard Identification

Chemical Hazard Identification – Chemscape Safety Technologies

Workplace health hazards are not always obvious. We all bring our own experience and judgement to the task of identifying hazards. Attitudes and behavior in a workplace or industry can build up a level of risk tolerance. Risk-taking and short cuts can become an accepted part of the job. It’s natural human behavior to become more complacent over time as routine high hazard tasks become familiar. Sometimes a cowboy like attitude can develop where workers take pride in the risks they are taking in their job. New workers may not have the experience to identify hazards. Inexperienced employees may lack to confidence to speak up in a workplace where taking risks is accepted.

Technology like the CHAMP (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) system in sdsBinders can objectify the hazard assessment process to provide consistent best practices for working with chemicals based on international standards. Fast easy to access information on the health hazards of a product is at your fingertips using CHAMP. Knowledge that was once the domain of chemical experts can now be accessed by every worker no matter the level of their experience or area of expertise. 

With CHAMP you receive:  

Access to Health Risk Assessments on Your Chemical Inventory

See how hazardous your chemicals really are.

Adjust the Risk Based on Product Use and User Inputs

The system recalculates the risk based on how the product is used.  

Establish chemical approvers in the system for greater control.

You can adjust who can approve certain hazard levels or even auto approve low hazard chemicals.  

Receive recommendations on controls including engineering controls, PPE and RPE.

These are adjusted based on product use and the controls onsite.

Search for chemical substitutes in the system that are less hazardous.

Information is easy to access from our library of 100,000+ products.   

Set-up restricted, prohibited or banned products or ingredients.  

Enforce your company objectives and policies for sustainability and health.  

Training and Tools to implement a Chemical Management Program

Users receive SmartChart tools to communicate hazards and controls and workplace labels based on risk assessments. E-learning and videos to educate people on chemical management and using the system. Access to Industrial Hygienists if consulting is required.

What are the benefits of a standardized and objective hazard assessment and control?

Hazard assessments are the core of every occupational health and safety programme. Identifying hazards is a critical first step prior to eliminating the hazard or controlling the risk before an exposure or incident occurs. A standardized and objective hazard assessment which CHAMP provides information that:

■ Inspire improvements in day-to-day operations

Workers can become more proactive in safety when they see how small changes can be more important that they thought. Show a workplace commitment to health.

■ Removes personal bias and risk from a hazard assessment

All workers have access to objective 3rd party information based on international standards that eliminates the failings of human bias in hazard assessments. 

 Focus attention on improving workplace health and safety.

CHAMP hazard assessments draw attention to areas in need of improvement. They get your workers thinking — and talking — about health and safety.

 Result in a more consistent, efficient and effective workplace.

Managing hazard assessments in one centralized system ensures consistent standards throughout your operations.

■ Increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Fewer incidents means fewer claims filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board and increased productivity with less time doing incident investigations. Fewer insurance claims means lower annual premiums.

Chemscape has provided our operational teams a simple and reliable solution for managing chemical products at our locations.  By combining specific training for varying user levels in sdsBinders and outstanding customer service, it has helped us begin rollout of the program on a National scale.  We receive consistent feedback from our employees who enjoy the ease of use and being able to access sdsBinders from their computer, or their smartphone via the free sdsBinders app.  More than anything else sdsBinders eliminated the need for a cumbersome binder full of paper, and ensures compliance with the most current version of product’s our company uses being updated automatically.

Russell Kay
HR Specialist, Safety Services
Shaw Communications Inc.