Chemical Hazard Identification with CHAMP

Improve Your Chemical Standards 


Chemscape’s Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program provides comprehensive chemical hazard identification assessments for every chemical in your inventory and sorts it into an easy-to-understand hazard band.  

Knowledge of occupational exposure to hazardous substances, once the domain of chemical experts, is now available to every worker no matter the level of their experience or area of expertise.  

Hazard Identification Chart for Chemical Hazards in the Workplace – Chemscape Safety Technologies
Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program Icons for Chemical Hazard Identification – Chemscape Safety Technologies

A Risk Assessment Tool that considers how the hazardous chemical is used


A true chemical hazard risk assessment considers how the product is being used. These risks change based on product use, quantity, frequency, and current engineering controls.

CHAMP’s Risk Assessment Tool calculates and recommends controls to manage risk based on your product use. 

Customize the risk levels according to your organization.   

Benefits of CHAMP’s Workplace Chemical Hazard Identification

Chemical risk assessments are the core of every occupational health and safety program. Chemical hazard identification is a critical first step prior to eliminating health hazards or controlling the risk before a chemical exposure or incident occurs. CHAMP’s hazardous chemicals identification process provides the following benefits:

  • Inspires improvements in day-to-day workplace operations

    Workers become more proactive in chemical safety when they see how small changes can be more important than they thought. This chemical hazard identification tool shows workplace commitment to occupational health.

  • Removes personal bias and risk from a chemical hazard assessment

    Workers have access to objective third-party chemical hazard identification information based on international health and safety standards that eliminates any human bias in risk assessments.


  • Focuses attention on improving workplace health & safety

    CHAMP hazard assessments highlight areas in need of improvement. They get your workers thinking and talking about occupational health and safety. 

  • Results in a more consistent, efficient, and effective workplace

    Having chemical risk assessments in one centralized system, visible to all ensures consistent standards throughout your operations.



  • Increases productivity and lowers operating costs

    Fewer incidents result in fewer claims filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board and increased productivity by less time doing incident investigations. Fewer insurance claims result in lower annual premiums.

  • Cuts through the complexity of chemical hazards

    CHAMP software creates chemical hazard identification that is simple to understand. It uses information from safety data sheets and assesses the physical and health hazards of chemicals that can be understood by any employee.  

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe, and productive.