Chemical Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Do you need better controls around chemical selection and use in your organization? Do you need to assess the health hazards of your chemical inventory? Have you wondered if safer chemical alternatives are available to use?

Chemscape’s CHAMP (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) tool integrates into sdsBinders and takes your chemical management and handling program to a more sophisticated level. CHAMP forces chemicals to go through a multi-staged approval process, including a hazard assessment, before getting added to sdsBinders. CHAMP can assess your current chemical inventory and suggest substitutions and/or controls to reduce workplace health risks.

Reduce the risk and have a clear picture of your health hazards. Develop controls or recommend substitutions for all chemicals at your work sites. CHAMP’s online analysis tool with a mobile app generates expert insights site-to-site in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

With CHAMP, analysis that used to take seasoned experts months to complete, can now be accomplished in minutes. You can have a clear picture of the true health and safety risks to your workers and the environment. Make informed decisions. Put the Health back in your Health, Safety and Environment programs.

Process of CHAMP

Chemical Hazard Assessment Process
  1. Identify your Chemicals – An accurate chemical inventory is the foundation of a chemical management system.  sdsBinders is the perfect starting point for capturing this information and breaking it down by location.
  2. Understand their Hazards – We layer CHAMP into your sdsBinders subscription so users can do assessments on chemicals for physical, health and environmental hazards by cross referencing credible regulatory databases. CHAMP can also be used as a part of a chemical approval process prior to new chemicals being added to your sdsBinders subscription. Create a banned substance list for your organization and implement the ability to approve or not based on this list. 
  3. Assess Risks & Controls – End users need to assign values to variables for a chemical approval like exposure time, product use and quantity. This information can affect its hazard ranking and clarifies the risk to one’s health and the environment.
  4. Apply Substitutions & Implement Controls – CHAMP summarizes the results of the chemical hazard and delivers recommendations on what you can substitute, if outside Occupational Health guidance is required, and how to better control a hazardous substance.
  5. Evaluate – Adding CHAMP and health risk assessments into sdsBinders will reinforce behaviour towards safer chemical handling and influence change within an organization.

How will you benefit from developing a Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program?

  • Access for all workers to health risk assessments and chemical substitutions.
  • Improve control of chemical selection and use in your organization.
  • Increase knowledge for all workers in identifying chemical hazards and encouraging safer handling use.
  • Reduce worker exposure to harmful chemicals and demonstrate due diligence.
  • Fulfill corporate value statement of being a leader in Health and Safety.              
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Why Choose CHAMP

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Chemscape's CHAMP program can help to provide best-practices for working with chemicals that are based on international standards. This can help to provide further information to workers, no matter what level their expertise may be with working with chemicals.

Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals

The CHAMP program provides direction in eliminating and substituting hazardous chemicals, providing suggestions for similar chemicals that work with your organization's process, which in the long run, aids in reducing adverse health effects.

Improved Chemical Management

Improve the overall chemical management at your facility with Chemscape's CHAMP program. The impacts of better management include improved worker health, reduced costs, better compliance with regulations as well as improved environmental impacts. 

Exposure Control Plans

Chemscape's CHAMP tool provides exposure control plans based on your chemical inventory, your organization's locations and regulatory requirements.

SDS Management for Contractors & Subcontractors

Does your organization control chemicals that are brought in by contractors and subcontractors? CHAMP allows you to better manage these chemicals brought in by third-party contractors. 

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the sdsBinders difference today. 

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