Chemical Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Do you understand the health hazards of your chemicals?

The Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program (CHAMP) is a powerful chemical risk assessment tool used to assess the health hazards of workplace chemicals. Receive chemical insights in seconds with our Hazard Assessment calculator based on the internationally recognized control banding methodology. Improve decision making on chemical use by your workforce and implement a chemical handling program across your organization. 

Chemscape’s CHAMP (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) chemical risk assessment tool integrates into sdsBinders and takes your chemical management and handling program to a more sophisticated level. 

    What Is a Chemical Hazard Assessment?

    A chemical hazard assessment helps businesses who are working with hazardous chemicals to better understand the chemicals that are being used within a work setting. A chemical hazard assessment will identify the potential workplace hazards so that a plan can be implemented to assess and understand the risks involved, while minimizing exposure to chemical hazards in the workplace.

    Why a Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program Is Essential

    Identifying workplace chemical hazards and implementing a chemical hazard assessment will help to improve workplace and worker safety. By implementing a chemical risk assessment, businesses can benefit from the following:

    • Access for all workers to health risk assessments and chemical substitutions.
    • Improve control of chemical selection and use in your organization.
    • Establish consistency in risk assessments 
    • Increase knowledge for all workers in identifying chemical hazards and encouraging safer handling use.
    • Reduce worker exposure to harmful chemicals and demonstrate due diligence.
    • Be proactive in chemical management and fulfill corporate value statement of being a leader in Health and Safety.              
    • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

    Professional Chemical Hazard Assessment from Chemscape

    Why Choose CHAMP

    Chemscape’s specially designed chemical risk assessment tool, CHAMP, is designed to improve the workplace use of chemicals by identifying chemical hazards and evaluating potential workplace risk. Users of the CHAMP program can benefit from the following tools and functionalities: 

    Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

    Chemscape's CHAMP program provides chemical hazard assessments on your chemicals based on international standards so you understand how hazardous your chemicals really are. Chemical hazard assessments provide information to workers, no matter what level their expertise may be with working with chemicals. Understanding and identifying your workplace chemical hazards is the first step in controlling them.  

    Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals

    CHAMP facilitates easy searching for safer substitutes by suggesting alternatives directly within the CHAMP system during a product request to substitute a less toxic product with similar use appropriate to your process. Elimination and substitution of hazardous chemicals are the preferred method of controlling chemical hazards and in the long run, aids in reducing adverse health effects.

    Improved Chemical Management

    Improve the overall chemical management at your facility with Chemscape's CHAMP program. The impacts of better management include improved worker health, reduced costs, better compliance with regulations as well as improved environmental impacts. 

    Exposure Control Plans

    Chemscape's chemical hazard assessment tool provides exposure control plans based on your chemical inventory, your organization's locations and regulatory requirements.

    Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the sdsBinders difference today. 

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