SDS Management for the Mining Industry

Chemscape has a growing list of mining clients who operate across the world. While traumatic fatalities in the mining industry have declined substantially over the past several decades, deaths related to occupational disease have not. Mining, by its nature, presents unique health and safety hazards from other industries and Chemscape provides chemical management solutions used to manage the chemical hazards and prevent potential exposure from these hazards.

Online SDS Management for The Mining Industry

Chemscape’s sdsBinders product has been the foundation for chemical handling and SDS Management nfor our mining companies who mine for gold, diamonds, copper, nickel and cobalt. Chemscape’s sdsBinders product is designed to not only manage SDSs for companies, it promotes worker awareness on chemical hazards and how to protect oneself and ultimately, be part of a program to reduce injuries and illnesses from overexposure and misuse of chemicals. Having up-to-date and accessible SDS information regarding the chemical properties and health hazards is critical to ensure that workers in mining environments are prepared and protected.

SDS Management Software for Miners

Many features in sdsBinders can build a culture of safety and promote the awareness of occupational health hazards, such as:

  • Raise awareness among workers of the importance of controlling risk using products like sdsBinders and CHAMP.  

  • Increase understanding of the health effects of exposures using our library of toolbox talks.  

  • Use tools in sdsBinders like SmartChart posters to visually communicate the hazards and controls of chemical people work with every day. 

  • Regulatory reporting tools to save you time looking for ingredients in your chemical inventory and keep you on top of environmental regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with WHMIS standards

  • Download the sdsBinders mobile app to access safety data sheets remotely

Predominant Chemical Disease Hazards in the Mining Industry

Miners are routinely exposed to a variety of chemical hazards. The potential for chemical injury and to developed chemical-related diseases is high. The predominant hazards of the mining industry are the following:

  • Exposure to silica, coal dust, asbestos and diesel particulate matter.  

  • Other noted exposures are to arsenic, nickel, lead, cadmium, manganese, platinum, cobalt, mercury, cyanide, sulfur dioxide and xanthates.  

  • Chemical burns are a common chemical related injury related to maintenance tasks.

Hazardous Materials Management Plan for Mining

If you are ready to move beyond SDS Management, Chemscape has a Chemical Hazard Assessment Management Program (CHAMP) designed to meet the unique needs of mining professionals, allowing those working in the mining industry to have greater control over chemical management. Centralize chemical approvals, add in health and environmental reviews, establish lists of banned or prohibited chemicals to help you manage health and environmental hazards for your mining operations. CHAMP provides chemical health hazard assessment data to make help you make decisions on chemical use and receive recommendations on how to control the hazards. Exposure Control Plans are one of the many tools in CHAMP with focus tabs for designated substances like silica, NORM and diesel exhaust.

Chemscape will continue to evolve with the innovative needs and best-in-class expectations of our mining customers who look for leading-edge technology solutions to keep their operations sustainable and safe.

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