Chemical Management for Manufacturing

Chemical management is a necessity for any manufacturer to continue with growing operations. There is also pressure for manufacturers to produce products that do not contain hazardous chemicals. This means that workplace chemical management is imperative during all stages of the production process, from procurement and storage, to handling and waste management.

Chemscape Safety Technologies provides easy to access, compliant chemical management solutions for manufacturing and production businesses, including:

  • Chemical Management for the Manufacturing IndustryConcrete
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Sawmills
  • Machinery
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Metal fabrication

Why Responsible Chemical Management is Important for Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing businesses have a diverse workforce with varied skills, trades, experience and even languages.The business case for responsible chemical management in manufacturing include:

  1. Lower insurance premiums
  2. Lowered injury rates
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Increased profitability

Part of building a safety culture includes adopting best practices and investing in online SDS management systems like sdsBinders to make SDS and chemical management accessible to everyone in the organization.

Ensure Safe and Compliant Chemical Management with Online SDS Management Software

If you are still updating your own product SDS sheets or keeping them in a paper binder maybe it’s time to look at sdsBinders, a SDS management software. Some other SDS databases can be inadequate, full of duplicates and don’t automatically update your SDSs. sdsBinders can do the job of SDS Management across multiple locations with reliability and efficiency.

Digital SDS Management for Manufacturers

If this is the first time you have ever worked with an electronic SDS Management system We will walk you through implementation. Our sds management solution, sdsBinders takes the stress away for compliance and auditing to give you a level of confidence in your chemical management you never had before.

With sdsBinders you can:

  • Access a link on the computer used on your manufacturing facilities' shop floor and in one click view and print your SDS.  
  • Receive email notifications on product updates and recalls.  
  • Access toolbox talk videos and training resources.  
  • Enjoy the support of a personal Account Manager to ensure your manufacturing locations are trained and onboarded successfully.  
  • Create and print GHS compliant workplace labels.  
  • Keep a copy of your SDSs in your pocket with the sdsBinders App so you have access to critical safety information whenever you need it.

Responsible Chemical Management Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

Stop the continual battle of organizing and updating SDSs and leave the work to sdsBinders. Contact us to see how sdsBinders can become an integral part of your health and safety program for your manufacturing business so you can:

  • Be proactive in your health and safety management. 
  • Educate and train staff on chemical hazards. 
  • Adhere to government regulations. 
  • Minimize risk through awareness and emergency preparedness.