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Chemscape has developed an extensive chemical safety education program just for clients

Chemscape is strongly committed to increasing the H or Health in your Health and Safety Programs.The reality is health often takes a back seat in company's HSE programs and due to the long latency effects of many occupational illnesses the risks from working with chemical hazards is not top of mind for many workers.

We are committed to proactively educating our customers on the hazards of chemicals and how they can take simple steps each day to prevent occupational illness.

Occupational Health & Safety Resources

Clients receive Free training resources in our monthly newsletters

Chemscape produces new material each month under the guidance of an Industry Hygenist on working safely with chemicals. As a Chemscape client you have access to our extensive library of educational resources as a value-added service. These videos and customizable PowerPoints are great resource for your next health and safety newsletter or meeting. Our newsletters are sent out monthly to clients focusing on working safely with chemicals and their affect on different body systems and organs. Helpful tips and links to training materials are included.

Health and Safety Videos

View some of our Health Videos: 

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Updates to TDG Regulations

Preventing Occupational Contact Dermatitis

 “We viewed the Liver Health presentation at our monthly safety meeting yesterday and it was well received. Everyone paid close attention and we are now more aware of another way that chemical exposure in the work place can have long term detrimental effects on us. I think one of our staff is even going to get a liver function test, just because of the extra awareness this provided. Thanks for the great presentation and we are looking forward to more of these type of information sessions in the future!”

Mike Carlson, Tervita Corporation

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