Chemical Hazard Assessment Management Program (CHAMP)

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Improve Worker Safety with Our Award-Winning Chemical Management Software

CHAMP is Chemscape’s highest level of chemical management software and is an extension of sdsBinders – our SDS Management product. CHAMP uses the data from your SDS Library to assess chemical safety in your workplace, determine which chemicals are the most hazardous and provides recommendations for controls.

Go beyond SDS Management - help your workplace assess and prioritize their chemical hazards

How CHAMP Works

Sort your chemicals from highest to lowest hazard 

CHAMP categorizes your chemicals into 5 hazard bands (A = lowest hazard and E = extreme hazard). This allows you to prioritize chemicals that immediate greatest attention for the protection of your workers.

Complete chemical approvals with a risk assessment based on product use

Chemical approvals go through a comprehensive chemical risk assessment, so exposure is fully understood based on how the chemicals are being used and handled. Approvals provide recommendations on controls and PPE to protect workers.

Provide tools & coaching to implement control recommendations in the field

Eliminate the guesswork around chemical hazards and get control advice that is based on trusted industrial and occupational resources, defensible, recorded in CHAMP, and visible to all. CHAMP improves decision-making on chemical use by your workforce and provides tools and coaching to help you implement a chemical management program across your organization.

How CHAMP Works

Go beyond an SDS document shelf and include chemicals in your risk assessment

CHAMP Daily Task SmartChart.


CHAMP is a chemical management tool that allows for better planning and improved chemical handling. Many programs say they manage chemicals, but CHAMP offers SDS management and a chemical hazard risk assessment tool to control chemical exposures. 

The Benefits of CHAMP

Chemscape’s Chemical Management Software provides many benefits to businesses, including: 

  • Prevent illness & long-term disability

    Take a proactive approach to managing chemicals with CHAMP. Canadian Worker Compensation Board data shows that 64% of workplace fatalities come from exposure to harmful substances. CHAMP tools improve worker engagement in chemical handling and gives management a tool to better assess risk. 

  • Reduce your liability

    Using hazardous chemicals in the workplace results in substantial direct, indirect, and liability costs to businesses, public health, and the environment. Investment in a chemical management program can reduce these costs, as well as improve performance efficiency, industry leadership, and corporate stewardship.  

  • Protect your workers and company from the threatening consequences of hazardous chemicals

    Hazardous chemicals have the potential to be misused in the workplace, either in handling, storage, disposal, or transportation. Implementing an approval process that examines the hazards and addresses the controls allows you to truly understand how chemicals are being used.

  • Achieve chemical compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations

    In recent years many governments have required even greater disclosure of chemicals throughout the supply chain. Taking a proactive approach to improving workplace chemical safety and management keeps companies compliant locally and competitive globally.

Award-Winning Chemical Management Software Provider

Chemscape has been named a 5-star OHS Software and Technology Provider and has received the Reader’s Choice Award for Best SDS Management software by Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine. 

2022 Reader’s Choice Winner badge2022 Reader’s Choice Winner badge

Features of CHAMP

CHAMP is designed to improve the workplace use of chemicals by identifying chemical hazards and evaluating potential workplace risks. Users of the CHAMP program can benefit from the following tools and functionalities:

Hazard Identification & Chemical Risk Management

Hazard Identification & Chemical Risk Assessment

Understanding and identifying your workplace chemical hazards is the first step in controlling them. Chemscape's CHAMP completes a chemical hazard analysis of all your chemicals and assigns the product into an easy-to-understand Hazard Bands from E (extreme hazard) to A (low hazard). 

Approvals with Recommendations

Chemical Approvals with Recommendations on Controls

Workers can request a product be added in CHAMP's software and they can add information on how the product is being used. CHAMP then re-calculates the risk of working with that chemical based on inputs from the user and current engineering controls.  Products are approved for use using an objective and consistent approach with controls and expectations clearly communicated.

Substitution and Elimination of Hazardous Chemicals

Substitution and Elimination of Hazardous Chemicals

Our chemical risk assessment software is designed to help you identify and eliminate/restrict chemicals of concern for your organization. CHAMP has a built-in substitution tool to find safer substitutes during a product request with a less toxic profile.

Chemical Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Tools

Chemical Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Tools

Cut through chemical complexity and create a proactive chemical management program. Extend your Industrial Hygiene Resources with CHAMP’s chemical management software to know and control your chemical hazards in seconds.

CHAMP = SDS Management + Risk Management

SDS Management

Risk Management

Access SDSs 24/7 on your desktop or mobile device  

Hazard assessment of each chemical in your library 

Customize binder tree how you want 

Risk assessment based on your product use 

Continuous update to SDSs 

Recommendations on chemical controls (Engineering & Admin controls, PPE, RPE)  

Notifications of changes to SDSs 

Chemical approvals to match your business workflow 

Toolbox talk video library - over 50+ topics on chemical safety 

Substitution tool to find less hazardous products 

Regulatory reports for health and the environment   

Workplace labels and Hazard Communication SmartChart® posters automatically created based on chemical approvals 

Option to download hard copies SDSs 

Auto-generated Exposure Control Plans on many hazardous substances and written HazCom plans 

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe, and productive.


Comprehensive Chemical Management Resources 

Chemscape Safety Technologies has compiled essential information about workplace chemical management and chemical safety in an informative resource centre. Visit the resource centre today to learn all about chemical management fundamentals, exposure control plans, and the adverse health effects caused by hazardous material.  

Chemical Management Resources



Client Success

"Without the support and help Chemscape provided it would have taken double or triple the time for our Conoco Phillips team to navigate through the ECP process, to make the necessary changes, and to satisfy the needs of the authorities.  Chemscape’s CHAMP program provides excellent value!  Without the CHAMP programs it would have been impossible to get a summary of products that we needed. "

Tao (Richard) Hu – ConocoPhillips Canada
"We are starting to truly understand the chemicals we have on site and how our people are using them. With the calculations done on the back end of the CHAMP tool, the health hazards are clear, and solutions are identified on how to help keep our employees safe when using chemicals. "

Dustin Thatcher – Heartland Petrochemical