SDS Management Solutions by Industry

SDS Management Solutions by Industry

If you have chemicals in your workplace, then the management of hazardous chemicals is essential in maintaining workplace safety and compliance. It’s imperative for businesses working with or managing hazardous chemicals to provide tools and resources for their workers in an effort to minimize workplace injuries and long-term health effects from daily exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Companies have a growing need to manage chemicals and comply with local government regulations on health, safety, and the environment. Companies look to Chemscape to keep up with the ever-changing chemical supplier market and regulatory landscape to manage their chemical compliance. Our technology provides a cost-effective and scalable solution, so companies have instant access to SDSs and chemical safety information as well as objective recommendations on chemical use in our CHAMP product. 

Chemscape has adopted mobile technologies for our web-based applications for greater access to critical safety information. Our technology is led by health and safety experts who bring industry and field insight to our technology development. Our clients span several industries (oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, and construction) and potential customers range from chemical suppliers to organizations that use chemicals as part of their daily tasks.

Managing SDS Compliance in All Industries 

Chemscape Safety Technologies is proud to offer innovative and award-winning products, services and resources across the Chemical Safety Landscape. All of which have been researched, developed and implemented to meet the unique needs of working industries, including:  

Oil & Gas

For our clients working in the oil and gas industry, extreme hazards and the potential for loss of life is a daily reality of the job. Safety is high on the agenda for these clients. Logistics can be remote and complicated. Industry faces increasing public scrutiny in terms of managing health and environmental resources. Government as a result is implementing tighter safety regulations. Our SDS management solutions and CHAMP provide companies the assurance to meet these challenges and have a reliable high-quality tool. 


Workers employed in the mining industry often require the use of highly hazardous material and chemicals to perform mining duties. Chemscape provides SDS management to remote mining locations and countries. Instant access to up-to-date SDS information ensures your team has the resources on-hand to work safely and maintain compliance. 


For those delivering and transporting hazardous chemicals and materials, access to accurate and up-to-date SDS sheets and proper TDG training is imperative. Our mobile app allows access to SDSs offline in areas where Wi-Fi and cellular service is limited or non-existent. Trust that all workers are properly trained according to the latest industry standards and that they have quick access to detailed safety data sheets in an emergency. 

Cannabis Production

Workers working in cannabis production face a number of potential workplace hazards. Chemscape offers WHMIS training, chemical management solutions as well as SDS management services to keep workers safe.


Manufacturing covers a wide spectrum of industries and hazardous chemicals but all manufacturing, need to operate lean while not compromising on safety. sdsBinders provides up-to-date and organized access to your SDSs compared to traditional dusty binders forgotten in the back office or shop floor. Make SDS Management the best part of your OHS Management Systems and leave the SDS updating to Chemscape. 


The construction industry needs an SDS management solution that can adapt quickly with changing projects and contractors. Move away from paper binders and leave the SDS Management to Chemscape. Our construction clients love our SmartChart posters to display chemical safety information on worksites. Our health videos are a great resource for weekly tool box talks. 

Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution 

The fast pace of product development and meeting customer demands chemical suppliers enjoy the control of managing their SDS portal with sdsBinders and customizing it to their business. Our custom binders feature allows you to create a public binder to distribute your own SDSs to customers by email and have them sign up for product updates when you make changes to those SDSs. A major time savings to communicate significant product changes to your customers. 


Municipalities provide a diverse range of services including roads, water, sanitation, parks, fire and police. sdsBinders is a great resource to centralize and cost share SDS Management across these departments yet at the same time, operate the business units separately. Our extensive and flexible training resources help support a successful implementation in a large-scale deployment.    

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