About Chemscape Safety Technologies

Cut the Complexity, Reduce the Risk

Does your company use hazardous chemicals? 

Hazardous Chemicals are an integral part of every industrial operation. Companies from small contractors to giant corporations rely on chemical products every day. 

The Hazardous Consequences of Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals are needed to get the job done. But they come with serious consequences. They’re a constant threat to worker health and your business objectives. They are complex to manage. They put your time, operations, safety record and regulatory standing in jeopardy.

Chemscape can help you cut the complexity and reduce the risk. We protect your company and your workers from the life-threatening and business-threatening consequences of hazardous chemicals.

The Information you Need, Right When You Need It

We combat the confusion and uncertainty that lead to delays, bad decisions and dangerous chemical incidents at industrial worksites. Our online systems give 24/7 access to the exact information you need to protect workers and manage all of your hazardous products.

Easy to Understand

We spare you the chore of having to wade through long documents and decipher scientific jargon. Our elite team of industrial hygienists has translated the technical details into concise, relevant bullet points and icons that workers understand immediately.

Chemical Safety Made Measurable

We make risks obvious and personal – so that workers focus on protecting their health. We make protective measures crystal clear – so that everyone knows the safety steps for every task. We make chemical safety practices measurable – so you can easily track your progress and take proactive steps to make worksites safer.

We have been helping companies like yours leverage our industry-leading chemical intelligence since 2003. Chemscape serves companies in more than a dozen industries sectors from oil and gas to mining and manufacturing. We give our clients features and capabilities that are unrivalled by any other online chemical management system.

A Chemical Safety Vision

We build long-term partnerships with our clients to help them develop chemical safety excellence into their culture and fulfill a chemical safety vision working towards:

•    Every chemical task performed safely and efficiently
•    Every risk understood and every precaution taken
•    Every worker safe on the job and healthy into retirement

Chemscape helps you cut the complexity and reduce the risk of hazardous chemicals.


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