Chemical Management and Health and Safety Measures Enhanced with the Implementation of sdsBinders


Packers Plus is the innovator of open hole, multistage completion systems and provides solutions for technically challenging applications in horizontal, vertical, multi-lateral and high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) wells. Packers Plus has operations in Canada, the U.S., and around the world.


Packers Plus came to Chemscape Safety Technologies looking for a solution to keep their SDSs up to date. They were frustrated with the time it took them to obtain SDSs from their suppliers and ensure they were up-to-date. It was also challenging making them easily accessible to workers who were using the chemicals.


Packers Plus employees now have 24/7 access to their SDSs using sdsBinders. Administrators can easily update their online binders for their site by either adding or removing SDSs. No more printing binders at head office and distributing them to the field once or twice a year.

Finally, the time and energy that was once spent on updating SDSs are now spent learning about the hazards of our chemical inventory on a daily basis. This is accomplished by watching the free safety meeting videos in sdsBinders that focus on health and chemical safety. Group discussion on selecting substitute chemicals for a task that are less toxic than what they are currently using, what the intended use is for a chemical and what PPE should be worn to keep workers safe.

The chemical management and health and safety of workers at Packers Plus has definitely been enhanced with the implementation of the sdsBinders tool.

What our customer has to say

"The time and energy that was once spent on updating SDSs is now spent on discussing how to use chemicals safely on a daily basis. "

Neal Edillon – Packers Plus