Who We Are

We Address Chemical Hazard Management Challenges for Your Business

Since 2003, Chemscape has been providing innovative and high quality products and services across the chemical safety landscape. The majority of our clients work in oil and gas related industries where there are extreme-hazards and the real potential for loss of life. Safety is high on the agenda for our clients. Logistics can be remote and complicated. Industry faces increasing public scrutiny in terms of managing health and environmental resources. Government as a result is implementing tighter safety regulations.

We believe technology can elevate a company’s level of occupational health standards

With these realities in the market and a belief that our technology products can reduce workplace risks to keep workers healthy, safe and more productive, Chemscape and its flagship product sdsBinders is pushing boundaries to develop a system that does more than just manage Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). sdsBinders is building upon their solid foundation for managing SDSs and hazardous chemical products and evolving with innovative tools and features that use a client’s existing chemical inventory (SDSs) and applies qualitative risk assessments to promote occupational health and safety. Using this control-banding technology sdsBinders can minimize worker exposures to hazardous chemicals and other risk factors in the workplace by providing an easy-to-understand, practical approach to controlling hazardous exposures. This Health Risk Assessment feature will allow companies to elevate the level of occupational health standards they deliver and place increased control of chemical risks and hazards in their hands.

Our customers span across several industries and range from big to small

Under the guidance of Mike Phibbs an Industrial Hygienist who is certified with the American Board of Industrial Hygiene we have fostered one-to-one relationships with clients and developed robust solutions that exceed their business requirements. We enjoy a 99% client retention rate and continue to expand our client base across the oil and gas, retail, transportation, construction, manufacturing and utilities sectors. The sdsBinders system has been implemented for companies ranging from small regional firms to international service providers with 100’s of worksites and 1000’s of employees.

Providing solutions that are easy-to-use and relevant

At Chemscape we want to deliver the best possible solution so our client’s workplaces operate with confidence and have accurate information easily accessible at their fingertips. We work in partnership with our customers to ensure our solutions are easy-to-use, relevant and successfully integrated into your business. We are constantly updating and improving our solutions based on input from our clients. We believe our solutions educate and empower users with a greater level of occupational health knowledge and provide tools to minimize risk when working with chemicals.  

How do we contact the company?

Head office and mailing address:

Chemscape Safety Technologies Inc.
Suite 320, 715 5th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2X6
Phone 403-720-6737
Toll Free  1-855-720-MSDS (6737)
Fax: 1-888-770-3939


Every company needs to recognize when there are challenges they need to face, they don’t need to do it alone. There’s services like sdsBinders that will change the way you deal with an issue and cause you to look back someday and say, “wow, why didn’t we think of this sooner!”

Jake Siegner, crsp
Safety Manager
McLeod Safety