Automated Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting is one of the most complex challenges in managing hazardous chemicals.

A Very Complex Task

At first glance the requirements seem straightforward.  But in practice it is extremely onerous to generate the information demanded by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The government agencies require inventory reports on an ever-growing list of hazardous substances.

Looking at a product list, it is impossible to know which products contain the designated substances and which ones don’t.  When you factor in the long list of ingrediants and the thousands of chemical products used in industry, the seemingly simple task becomes a nightmare.

From Months to Minutes

Current sdsBinders clients find the time they save doing regulatory reporting alone is a clear-cut benefit that justifies their return on their investment and turns a routine task from months to mere minutes.

Instantaneous Results

Using sdsBinders all you need to do is select the appropriate CEPA or SARA report from a drop down list.  The system automatically generates a list of the chemical products your company uses that contain the substances in question, including any new substances that are periodically added to the report list.  The results are instantaneous.

A Complete & Simple Solution

sdsBinders identifies which products contain the substances by pulling data from the SDSs / MSDSs for the chemicals that your company uses. 

Next you’ll enter product amounts to immediately know how much of each substance is in the company inventory.  If you need to report a weight amount for substances that are included in liquid products, sdsBinders will even convert liters to kilograms or gallons to pounds.

sdsBinders also lets you identify the locations where the substances are on site.  Using date ranges and inventory records, you can quickly determine the amount of any substance that was consumed over a given timeframe.

sdsBinders is invaluable for compiling chemcial inventory reports for government agencies. CEPA statements used to take us three weeks. sdsBinders gets the job done in minutes.
John Davis, Gibsons Energy, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Advisor

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