msdsBinders' Features at a Glance

msdsBinders Features at a Glance

Since 2003 Chemscape has delivered a MSDS / SDS management solution that is simple and scalable for clients across a variety of industries from small companies to international organizations with 100’s of worksites and 1000’s of employees. Chemscape’s signature product msdsBinders is designed so clients can easily keep MSDSs / SDSs up-to-date. Our robust features will meet and exceed many of your business needs.

 Do You Need?

 msdsBinders Offers

 A System That is
 and Navigate

 Accessible online 24/7 to any worker

 Secure login

 Search results appear instantly 

 Drop and drag to manage your binders


 One central administrative site to add, delete, or renew. Make changes 
 on your own for free.

 Better Chemical
 Throughout Your 

 Reflect your company structure and organize your MSDSs / SDSs by  location, worksite, business unit, facility groups. This process is fast and easy.

 To keep MSDS / SDS

 Reduce clutter and cost with reports and inventory tools that eliminate duplicate MSDSs / SDSs.

 Monthly email notifications outline MSDSs / SDSs that have been  renewed, deleted and added for each location. As MSDSs are renewed, the new MSDS / SDS will replace the outdated MSDS / SDS in all locations and you can plan training accordingly with any new hazard information that become available.

 If new products are added at the location new MSDSs / SDSs can be added to the account from our MSDS / SDS Library.

 Automatic inventory monitoring notifies you of outdated MSDSs / SDSs and retrieves updated documents for your approval.

 Unlimited Access
 to MSDSs at all 

 MSDS / SDS is searchable by location.

 Accessible to any worker at any worksite.

 Access from
 multiple worksites

 Create MSDS / SDS binders and product information specific to worksite location.

 To Share

 View, downloaded, print and share by location, worksite, business unit, 
 facility groups.

 Access for

 Assign & email username and password with an expiry date to your 

 To add additional
 information and

 Attach Safety Alerts, Photos, Documents, Emergency Response Guides 
 and Training Video links to MSDSs to provide employees with ongoing
 training resources.

 To meet changes
 to WHIMIS 2015 

 As new SDSs become available our system will upload them and notify
 you in your monthly update.

 Training resources to help you prepare. Workplace labels in GHS format.

 Access for
 workers with limited Internet access

 If technology is not available at a jobsite workers can print their binder or save a copy. 

 Access for
 contractors or  customers

 Establish a binder to share MSDSs / SDSs that you designate.


msdsbinders has helped us to give easy access to all our employees to the SDS/MSDS instead of having hard copy binders throughout the shop. They can look up the SDS/MSDS either on their phones or at one of the Computer Stations in the shop or the lunchroom. Our First Aiders have the mobile app on their phone so in case of an emergency they can access the SDS via web. It saves me time at the end of the month to go through all the expired SDS and ensure we have the latest version of the SDS/MSDS available. We can also do easy searches against regulatory requirements we have to full fill and CAS # we have to avoid or identify and look for alternative products.

Stefanie Meeder ESQ Advisor Teknion Solutions

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the msdsBinders difference today. 

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