MSDS / SDS Management Software

Achieve proactive, hassle-free compliance and ensure that your business is properly managing your hazardous chemicals with MSDS / SDS Management Solutions from Chemscape. Allow your team to access the most up-to-date and accurate MSDS/SDS sheets for your business when it matters most.

SDS Management Customized to Suit Your Organization

Organize your MSDS/SDS sheets by binder locations to reflect how you operate your business at no additional cost. Access only the MSDSs/SDSs you need and don’t waste time sorting through a massive database of sheets filled with duplicates, obsolete documents, and MSDSs that may not even reflect your country jurisdiction.

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MSDS Management Solution

Immediate Access to Chemical Safety Information

Access MSDSs / SDSs whenever you want from a centralized online site branded to your organization. Use our free mobile app to find MSDSs / SDSs wherever you go.If you operate in remote areas where technology access is an issue, you can save the MSDSs / SDSs locally or print off as many copies that you need at no additional cost. 

Save time on MSDS/SDS Management and Be More Productive

MSDS/SDS ManagementsdsBinders offers the ideal MSDS/SDS management solutions with a professional solution that is easy-to-use and reflects your organizational needs. It is a great foundation for managing hazardous chemicals.

Spend time expanding your business and developing other aspects of your Health & Safety Program while sdsBinders’ keeps your MSDSs/SDSs up-to-date for you.

sdsBinders is a great foundation for managing hazardous chemicals. 

A System Designed by Chemical Safety Experts

Our system is designed by Industrial Hygienists who are experts in Health and Occupational Chemical Use. We strive to not only manage your MSDSs/SDSs but provide you additional features to improve your Hazard Communication and the awareness of chemical safety in your organization.

2017 Readers Choice Award for MSDS Management SolutionssdsBinders was awarded the Reader’s Choice Award in 2016 and 2017 for Best MSDS Management Solution by the Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine

Since 2003 sdsBinders has grown through a strong referral business and enjoys a 98% Client Retention Rate. We encourage your to read the numerous client testimonials that endorse sdsBinders and its customer service. sdsBinders truly cares about improving your chemical handling and your company succeeding with your MSDS / SDS Management.

"We use Chemscape and I would recommend them in a heart beat. They have a good product but perhaps more impressive is their customer support. They have gone above and beyond to make their product fit our needs."
Matthew MacFarlane, CIH Irving Oil

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the sdsBinders difference today.

Why Choose sdsBinders

SdsBinders Features at a Glance

sdsBinders by Chemscape is designed to facilitate the management of MSDSs/ SDSs for a wide range of industries. Its extensive series of features will surpass your business needs, providing your organization with the solution to improved MSDS/ SDS management.

Industry-Leading MSDS Management Service

We are honoured to have been awarded the 2017 Reader's Choice for best MSDS Management System by the Canadian Occupational Health & Safety Magazine. We stand by our product and truly believe sdsBinders is your best value, providing personalized services tailored to your industry.

MSDS / SDS Sheets Online

Traditional paper systems can become a cumbersome method of managing MSDSs/SDSs accurately for growing and sizeable organizations. Often, a document can easily be misplaced, or it may be difficult to locate specific sheets needed within these large documents. Online MSDS/ SDS management can save time and streamline this task.

Automated Chemical Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting is a complex and tedious task. sdsBinders can help to cut down the time required to complete these reports by providing detailed information about the specific chemicals used by your organization. Allowing for this reporting to be performed in a matter of minutes and not weeks.

Chemical Hazard Communication Program

Easily communicate your health hazards and controls with Chemscape's SmartChart. This tool helps to provide guidance and controls when working with the chemicals your organization uses, based on international standards. This includes a collection of materials to easily manage chemicals in your facility.

Mobile MSDS/SDS Management

Take safety with you, with Chemscape's mobile MSDS/ SDS database. Exclusive to customers of sdsBinders, users can gain quick access to our MSDS management system from phones or tablets.

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