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Chemical Management Tools from CHAMP – Chemscape Safety Technologies

Make CHAMP part of your operations to improve chemical safety competency

With Chemscape’s Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program (CHAMP) you'll receive all the tools you need for successful chemical management.

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe, and productive.

Mobile App to access SDSs 

Chemscape’s mobile app for Apple or Android devices allows you to access SDSs wherever you go. Download the app today as part of your CHAMP Toolkit. 

Get Chemscapes SDSBinders mobile app to access safety data sheets wherever you go.  

Your CHAMP Toolkit

CHAMP improves workplace use of chemicals and worker safety in a variety of industries by implementing the following chemical management tools within your organization: 

  • Regulatory Reports

    Search for ingredients in your inventory that match regulatory and health lists that matter to your operations and local jurisdictions with this chemical risk assessment tool.  

  • Workplace or Secondary Chemical Labels

    Get GHS compliant labels fast and linked to your chemical approvals. Our labels exceed minimum standards and include hazard controls.

  • SmartChart Hazard Communication Poster

    Use Hazard Communication Charts with icons for a visual reminder of chemical hazards and controls by product or task as part of your chemical management system.  

  • Chemical Management Tool-box Videos

    Access a library of over 40 training videos on workplace chemical hazards and best practices to protect your workers’ health.


  • E-Learning courses

    CHAMP provides an effective orientation to the chemical management system including six e-learning modules for end-users and chemical requestors up to chemical approvers.  

  • Guidance Documents

    Guidance documents authored by Industrial and Occupational Hygienists on workplace best practices with checklists for chemical hazard assessments. 

  • Exposure Control Plans

    Create Exposure Control Plans for designated substances like Benzene or Silica to meet regulatory and workforce demands with CHAMP’s chemical safety tools.   

  • Industrial Hygiene Service

    CHAMP clients are supported with set-up and implementation by Certified Industrial Hygienists. Additional consulting services are also available if desired.  

Keep workers healthy, safe, and productive

Client Success

“We are starting to truly understand the chemicals we have on-site and how our people are using them. With the calculations done on the back end of the CHAMP tool, the health hazards are clear, and solutions are identified on how to help keep our employees safe when using chemicals.”  
Dustin Thatcher, Heartland Petrochemical Complex