SDS Management for Contractors

Do you need better control of the chemicals contractors are bringing onto your worksite? Challenged with enforcing safety standards and critical processes?

CHAMP Projects is a module built into sdsBinders to provide the ability for an owner/prime contractor to manage the chemicals being brought to and utilized on a project by a contractor/subcontractor. You can add this portal into your existing sdsBinders subscription.

Process of CHAMP Project

Managing Contractor Chemicals With Champ

How does CHAMP project get the job done?

It captures the inventory of your contractor(s)

  • Have a searchable inventory of all chemicals from your contractors.
  • Find the hazard ranking of their chemicals.
  • Do searches based on regulatory lists.

It enforces standards

  • Apply a tiered approval by product and or hazard.
  • Determine who has the authority to approve certain chemicals and what is allowed on site.
  • Enforce your company Health, Safety and Environmental Standards.

It communicates hazards

  • Use the SMARTCHART® to communicate visually the hazards and risk of products by contractor.

It finds substitutions 

It shares critical information

  • Give contractors access to Emergency Response Plans, Spill Response and hazardous waste plans based on their site and inventory.

It measures performance

  • Receive performance indicators based on monitoring Chemical Inventories, Hazards and Control Implementation

How will you benefit from using CHAMP project?

  • Close the gap on safety with contractors/subcontractors.
  • Control and influence the chemicals being brought onto your worksite.
  • Capture and track your contractor’s chemical footprint.
  • Reduce worker’s exposure to harmful chemicals and demonstrate due diligence.
  • Fulfill corporate value statement of being a leader in Health and Safety.

Elevate the level of occupational health standards for your company. Keep workers healthy, safe and more productive. Discover the sdsBinders difference today. 

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