Chemscape can provide you an Exposure Control Plan solution based on our CHAMP(Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management Program) tool and Industrial Hygiene Services

Based on where you operate your regulatory authority may require you to have one or more exposure control plans(ECP). These written documents are specific to your organization and worksite and the exposure hazards which a worker may encounter while performing routine and non-routine tasks. Certain regulatory bodies (WorkSafeBC in BC, Occupational Safety and Health Administration in USA, and Occupational Health and Safety in AB) require employers to develop Control Plans. The documents may have different names based on the jurisdiction.

Exposure Control Plans start with Chemscape’s CHAMP tool assessing the health hazards of your chemical inventory 

Chemscape’s process addresses all your hazards; everything from your chemical inventory, processes, maintenance activities, as well as physical hazards that may pose an exposure risk. We help you build a control plan that communicates your firm’s approach to protecting workers. For example, an exposure control plan(ECP) is needed in BC if there is the potential of exposure to certain designated substances that exceed 50% of the recommended occupational exposure limit

Chemscape’s CHAMP system produces an Exposure Control Plan focused on implementation and includes tools and training aids to reinforce worker education and awareness.

Chemscape’s Exposure Control Plan(ECP) contains all the required elements including:  

  • Responsibilities of the employer, health & safety manager, supervisors & workers
  • Health hazards & risk categories for each product in your worksite
  • Required engineering & administrative safety controls
  • Exact Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Hygiene facilities & decontamination procedures
  • Training & annual review process

In addition to the Exposure Control Plan document the CHAMP program has unique tools likes the SmartChart®Hazard Communication tools, workplace labels, mobile app and safety training videos that work together to deliver a complete chemical handling program.

Chemscape’s Exposure Control Plans have been approved by WorkSafeBC.

We can quickly develop a solution for your organization using our technology and industrial hygiene services.  Our exposure control plans are customized to incorporate your operating procedures, worksite tasks, JSAs, Benzene Standards, Decontamination Standards and Industrial Hygiene Monitoring results.  Our Industrial Hygiene Services can help you create Standards if you have not already authored your own.

Our system produces an Exposure Control Plan document that not only satisfies your compliance needs but builds a foundation for best-in-class chemical management. 

Speak to our occupational health experts to learn more about how our system can be the foundation for your chemical handling and exposure control plans.


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