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Sherritt International is a Canadian resource company based in Toronto. The company's business interests include nickel and cobalt mining, oil and gas exploration and production, and electricity generation.


Sherritt's office was full of dusty old binders that sat in the corner and were rarely accessed. Most SDSs were outdated. Paper-based SDS management was a huge headache for the employees. Accessing the one SDS that was needed became harder and more challenging. Sherritt needed a solution to manage a significant amount of SDSs located at numerous locations.

“I love it. I only spend 5 -10 minutes a month dealing with SDSs because the system updates everything for me. The system reduces time and effort, so I can then focus on other important aspects of my job.”

Candy Wagner, Health & Safety Advisor Hygiene, Sherritt Corporation

Dependable product and service

“I have used other methods in the past: CDs, Google searches, and an internal SDS website. None of these even come close to how functional, quick and dependable the sdsBinders system is. After experiencing such great service from sdsBinders, I could never image the stress managing SDSs the old way.”

Product notifications are useful audit tools

“The notifications gives an update on what chemical activity is occurring across our numerous locations. Managers use these notifications in monthly safety talks and review the SDSs with staff. Notifications also act as a reminder to use the system. Lastly, we keep the notifications as records to show during audits. They demonstrate that we are continually educating staff and tracking SDSs and chemicals.”

SDSs being referenced more frequently

With the sdsBinders system in place Sherritt employees have been more inclined to reference SDSs on a daily basis.